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What is Local SEO and How to Improve Your Local Ranking

We live in a digital world where almost every customer searches for solutions to needs through Google and other search engines. The success of any business of any size now depends on whether it appears first after a search.

Appearing first in local search is not that easy. Google updates its algorithms ever so often that a business will have to keep up with it to stay on top of local search results.

A solid local presence will need to be put in place if you want your business to outrank your competitors, especially if there are many.

Local SEO is committed to helping you achieve optimum local presence to make sure that your business will appear when customers search for your products and/or services in your geographical location. For local SEO needs, get in touch with Big Easy SEO.

What is Local SEO and Why Do You Need It?

Local SEO is a marketing strategy focused on reaching and serving clients in the best way possible where your business is located. It targets your specific audience and drives them to your website.

The important elements of local SEO that will help a business get ahead of the competition include:

  • Keyword research
  • Content
  • Local SEO links

Search engine optimization in a business’s locality utilizes software, skills, and techniques to achieve brand recognition in a specific area with or without a physical location or store.

The main objectives for local SEO that are the main reasons why you need are:

1. Boost Business Credibility

Small businesses will need to get ranked on top in local searches. When customers see your business on top search results, they will have confidence in your brand.

They will somehow predict that your brand is relevant and trusted because the search engine made you appear first when they were looking for your products and/or services near them.

2. Increase Traffic on Your Website

When more customers see you first when they search for your products and/or services, they will most likely click on your website to learn more about what you offer.

It may not mean that they will convert into paying customers but with more traffic to your website, the greater the probability for more inquiries and leads. With more inquiries and leads, the more you will be able to reach potential paying customers.

3. Best ROI in Advertising

Most potential paying customers will be nearby. Those who are looking for your products and/or services are most likely customers in or near your location.

They will want to experience your products and/or services firsthand. Traditional advertising cannot target these potential customers.

Local SEO is a low-cost marketing strategy that brings long-term results. You can boost relevant traffic on your website and boost your brand’s local visibility with a minimum spend.

Organic Search Results vs. Local Snack Pack

Search engine optimization focuses on the search engine results pages when your audience searches for your products and/or services is focused on organic search results.

When people mention organic search results, it simply means the free listing that appears on Google search that is relevant to the user’s search terms. It is the unpaid search results or traffic that come to your site.

A local snack pack assures that your business is placed at the top of your local search results. It is critical that when customers search for your products and/or services, they see important information about your business that will spark their interest in your brand.

It is important that your business appears on the snack pack when your products and/or services are searched by your potential customers because the snack pack contains only the three most relevant companies related to your target audience’s search.

A snack pack will contain the following important information that customers mostly need:

  • Company name
  • Company description
  • Contact information

Ways to Boost Your Local SEO Strategy

When local SEO is used to outrank your competitors, there are specific elements that need to be focused on such as:

1. Optimizing Google My Business

Optimize your Google My Business listing by providing consistent information across your online listings. The must-use features that should be included are:

  • Google Posts
  • Appointment bookings
  • Questions and answers
  • Messaging
  • Business descriptions
  • Small thanks

2. Building Local Citations

To help your business earn local listings on major sites where your customers go like such as Facebook, Instagram or TripAdvisor, you should do local citation building which involves updating and providing essential information about your business like:

  • Company name
  • Complete address
  • Phone number
  • Website

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3. Targeting Local Keywords

Rank at the top of local search results by targeting local keywords which will greatly help your business appear in more local searches where your potential customers can easily find and contact you.

Example: Adding a specific location in your search such as “italian restaurant los angeles” or “vegan restaurant seattle”.

Adding city specific keywords to your local community posts or GMB information can boost your business.

4. Managing Ratings and Reviews

You should be able to respond to positive or negative reviews about your local business.

This will increase your company’s credibility. Be quick to respond to questions and comments posted on your website and third-party sites (ex. Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook).

Also, make sure that you keep your reviews updated and that you provide relevant answers to all inquiries. This will show your customers that you take their needs seriously.

Check this guide we made on how to monitor your online reviews.

It will send a message to other customers interested in your products and/or services that you care about establishing good customer relations.

5. Building Reputable Links

You can boost your local search rankings by earning backlinks from other reputable, local businesses.

A strong backlink profile with links from authority businesses in your local area will also boost your credibility.
Read on how to find the best backlinks for your website.

6. Analyzing User Experience

We improve your site’s user experience to attract and increase local traffic by streamlining your navigation and internal linking,speeding up your site, and including visual and interactive elements.

7. Creating a Mobile-Responsive Design

When you have a mobile responsive site, you make it easier for your customers to find you on their mobile devices.

Remember that a large percentage of customers are searching for products and/or services they need through their mobile phones.

Significant Results From Local SEO

If you are thinking about a good investment for your business,invest in local SEO strategies from professional local SEO experts.

Your business can experience a boost in traffic,reaching qualified leads, and a hard return on investment.

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