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Graphic Design That Will Take Your Business to the Next Level

Big Easy SEO will build your brand and get it where you want it to go with its stellar graphic design services.

Whether you are just starting your business or already established, we give our clients world-class quality design services with authentic, personal customer service.

We know that visual content converts faster than words alone.  With our digital design strategies that incorporate art and design, your content marketing strategies will be empowered.

You will outperform all others with a variety of visual assets that will turn your brand into an ROI engine.

Our team of expert graphic designers knows how to create a cost-effective design that matters—a design that will attract a larger audience, nurture high-intent prospects, and enhance customer interaction.

Fuel your brands with graphic design services from Big Easy SEO.

What is Graphic Design?

Logo design services-Bigeasyseo.comThe Interaction Design Foundation defines graphic design as a craft where professionals create content to communicate messages.

Visual hierarchy and page layout techniques are applied by designers while using typography and pictures to meet users’ specific needs.

They focus on the logic of displaying elements in interactive designs to optimize the user experience.

Our graphic design service create designs that maximize usability, empathize with users, and are focused on adding value to user experience by:

  • Considering the information architecture of your interactive design, to ensure accessibility for users
  • Leveraging graphic design skills to create work that considers the entire user experience, including users’ visual processing abilities 

In short, our expert graphic designers create graphic designs for optimal user experience.

These are graphic designs that are pleasurable, meaningful, and usable.

Graphic Design Considerations

Graphic design is emotional design.  This means that a graphic design will strike the right chord with users.

They carefully monitor how their works’ aesthetics match their users’ expectations.

They enhance their designs’ usability in a flowing, seamless experience by anticipating the users’ needs and mindsets.

We use user psychology to stay focused on some especially weighty graphic design considerations such as:

  • Symmetry and balance
  • Flow
  • Repetition
  • Pattern
  • The golden ratio
  • The rule of thirds
  • Typography
  • Audience culture

Our team is committed to establishing a trustworthy visual presence that increases usability and value.

Your users will know what they want to do because the values of the design we create will mirror theirs, too.

We don’t design just to be able to arrange aesthetically pleasing elements and to make it easier for users to navigate.  We design to show what you value. Contact us today!

Different Types of Graphic Design

Our team of expert and experienced graphic designers has a specific set of skills and design techniques.

They are constantly learning to upgrade their skills and to be up-to-date with the changes in the industry.

The different types of graphic design that you can expect from their expertise include:

Visual identity graphic design

We specialize in creating visual elements of a branding identity that act as the face of a brand to communicate the intangible qualities of images, shapes, and colors.

We make sure that every graphic design you use to market your business will communicate your brand’s personality, tone, and essence, as well as memories, emotions, and experiences.

Our services that involve this type of graphic design are:

  • Logos
  • Typography
  • Color palettes
  • Image libraries
  • Style guides that are applied across various media

Our graphic design services are useful to ensure brand consistency throughout future applications.

Our specialists in this field possess a general knowledge of all types of graphic design in order to create design elements that are suitable across all visual media.

Marketing and advertising graphic design

In the landscape of digital marketing, graphic design can have a significant impact on how customers engage and become loyal to a brand.

Customers will always find visual content more engaging and graphic design does just that.

Big Easy SEO helps businesses and organizations promote and communicate more effectively with their audience.

Our digital assets for graphic designing include content marketing and digital advertising.

User Interface Graphic Design

We also offer user interface design.  The user interface is how a user interacts with a device or application.

In the context of graphic design, UI focuses on the user’s visual experience and the design of on-screen graphic elements like CTA buttons, menus, micro-interactions, and such.

Our UI designers create interfaces to make them easy to use.  This provides a user-friendly experience. They know how to perfectly balance aesthetic appeal with technical functionality.

We have a team of UI designers who work closely with UX (User Experience) designers and UI developers to create engaging and useful graphic designs for desktop apps, mobile apps, and web apps.

Some of our UI graphic design services include:

  • Web design
  • Theme design
  • App design

Motion graphic design

Motion graphic design includes animation, audio, typography, imagery, video, and other effects that are used in online media, television, and film.

When video content became king, this graphic design service skyrocketed.

Big Easy SEO has specialty designers who make graphic designs that can be used across all digital platforms.

Examples of motion graphic designs that we do are:

  • Title sequences and end credits
  • Advertisements
  • Animated logos
  • Presentations
  • Promotional videos
  • Tutorial videos
  • Websites
  • Banners
  • GIFs


Infographics are a powerful way to repurpose old content into a fresh new package that presents all the vital information in an easy-to-read and engaging format.

You can use it to bring some flash to boring internal data like customer surveys.  In fact, they are liked on social media 3x more often than other content types.

Our expert designers can synthesis dense information and transform data into engaging graphical stories that your target audience can retain in seconds.

We bring your content strategy to the next level through informational graphics.

Fuel Your Brand Through Big Easy SEO’s Graphic Design Services

Graphic design works.  We know this after more than ten years of providing quality content graphic design as part of the content marketing strategies of several businesses.

80% of a consumers’ decision to follow a brand is influenced by graphic design.  If you want engagement for your brand, you need expert graphic design services.

Big Easy SEO offers the best graphic design service that will monetize your messaging and turn your creative ideas into commercial wins.  We create visuals with a purpose.

Big Easy SEO also offers web development and graphic design services in New Orleans. Let us help you achieve the results you desire with our top-notch graphic design expertise.

Get a quality graphic design for your business and free consultation by calling us at 504-475-2049.

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