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Big Easy SEO is made up of SEO professionals responsible for building tactics and strategies that would assist small to medium businesses.

Our SEO agency can quickly position the website for short and long-term SEO success to secure the market share before the competition can do the same.

What we offer is the chance to get ahead of the others so others can see you in Google Maps results in Louisiana and beyond.

Optimizing your maps SEO makes sure the business is in front of people who are interested in procuring your services.

How We Optimize your Maps

Google considers several factors when it comes to determining the businesses that are the most acceptable to display for searches.

  • Ensuring that your Google My Business (GMB) page is verified. It may look like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised by the number of people that usually overlook this step. It’s essential to communicate with Google, and we would want to make sure that the business information is correct on the platform.
  • Consistency of the NAP: Name, address, and phone number as well as hours of operation.
  • We ensure that each one of the listings shows uniformity to Google. It makes you look more credible and hence worth ranking higher.
  • Generation of unique quality content. We try to ask our clients to imagine their platform as an island. If no one knows that the island exists, then there will be no tourists who come to visit. As soon as other businesses begin to link and share the content, then it is the equivalent of an advertisement showing tour packages to your website. The content also has to be accurate, well-packaged, and presented. That way Google is going to recognize you as an authority within the industry.

How SEO Maps Will Boost Sales

maps seo services - Big Easy SEOGoogle Maps gives you the local visibility that you need to attract customers to the website.

If your business is not on the first page of the search results in association with your locale or it is not a part of the 3-pack, then it is probable that you are losing customers to the competition.

The thing with Google Maps SEO is it assists the business to increase online visibility when local customers search their service requests.

There are some overlaps from Google to maps. Overall, there are specific things that have to be done to make the algorithm work in your favor.

With the expertise that marketers bring to the table, it becomes possible to make sure when people are searching for the business through Google Maps.

They are going to be able to find yours with ease. When it comes to sales, it is a matter of going where the people are.

Google Maps is More Popular than Ever

More people are utilizing Google Maps to search for things they want to do, such as where to buy groceries, source services, or eat and be entertained.

If you can make sure the business is easily seen and one of the first results on Maps, then you will, by default, have many more people coming to the businesses, and that will end up generating the level of sales.

The Google 3 Pack

maps SEO optimization - Big Easy SEOThat is how Google uses to display the top results for the local SERP results.

It utilizes the location of the user to make searches relevant according to where the user submitted the query.

For example, if the user searched based on restaurants that were in the vicinity, the Google 3 pack would show at least three or four restaurants that are near the current location of the user.

The Google 3 pack is also different in a variety of ways beyond the number of the listings.
As opposed to focusing on Google pages for ranking, the focus is directed to links of business websites for businesses.

The way information was displayed has also changed in that it is easier for mobile users to navigate Google 3 pack by showing addresses and business hours as opposed to phone numbers.

Make Your 3 Pack Consistent

The best maps optimizations for Google 3 pack on your behalf is by making sure your listings are consistent and accurate.

  • Create and Post Reviews Regularly

    Getting several positive reviews is beneficial when it comes to improving the visibility considering Google reviews and stars are visible on 3-pack.

  • Build Backlinks

    We also build standard backlinks to increase the organic ranking on your site. These backlinks are best generated through well-generated content, which is meant to attract readers.

  • Engage on Social Media

    Building a strong presence on social media and other platforms is also part of the package to make you more prominent as a local business with a loyal following.

Creating Local Citation

A local citation has to do with online mentions of your business within the local social media, and it is something that improves visibility.

Through local citations, we can help the company have a lot of prominence and relevance on search engines, thereby improving the level of your ranking on Maps.

We can initiate local citations through locally-focused directories, blogs, and directories specific to your industry.

Mentions of the business on Yelp, Yahoo, and other SEO as well.

We also offer other SEO services such as on page SEO, local SEO and  link building.

Get Started with Maps Today

Maps SEO is an affordable and highly effective approach that targets your local audience, and the people most likely to procure your services most of the time.

Not only does it end up boosting your sales, but it also creates some awareness for your brand. We also offer affordable rates for these packages and high-quality results.

To know more about our maps SEO, call Big Easy SEO today. Start an initial consultation with us!

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