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Marketing has never been the same ever since marketing videos have gained traction. It is no longer enough to stick to written content or images to build your business’ online presence. More and more video marketing services are available to business owners nowadays.

Video has become one of the most profitable and versatile marketing strategies. In fact, about 63 percent of businesses have started adapting marketing videos.

If you do not want to fall behind with video marketing services, Big Easy SEO is here to cater to your business brand. We will help you bring video content that is authentic and will appeal to your customers and target audience.

What Are The Benefits of Online Video Marketing Services?

We focus on marketing strategies that would be worth your time and money. Video marketing services are one of the best strategies that can bring so many benefits and results to your business.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with videos:

Educating Your Audience: Easier, Better, Faster With Videos

Writing your content can get your message across but videos can have a more compelling effect on customers.

When it comes to your services and products, you can help your audience see them in action through video demos. It has been proven that 64 percent of customers are more likely to get a product they saw after watching an online video.

You can also use storytelling in your videos. This will be a good tool to use for businesses that are just starting and are looking for ways to introduce themselves to the community.

If you have new products, you can explain and showcase them to potential customers through videos.

Connect With Mobile Users

More than 90 percent of customers are always watching videos on their phones. We can create videos that are optimized for all devices, especially mobile phones.

Google confirms that 53 percent of people using smartphones feel more positive about businesses and companies whose websites or apps have video content.

This effort from your business will help customers to see that you follow trends and can provide what they need.


Improve Your Ranking In Google Search

Using online marketing video production services can also affect your search rankings and other parts of your web presence. Google verifies which websites have trusted content and puts these websites to higher rankings.

One way to alert Google that your website is trustworthy would be through videos. When you have a video on your website, visitors spend more time as they watch and finish the video, which can increase website traffic.

Adding your video to YouTube will also help you since Google owns this streaming site. Link your YouTube video to your business website and you are sure to improve in the search rankings.

Connect With More Customers Through Marketing Videos

About one-third of people’s online activity involves watching videos. If you want to reach people of different age groups, you would have to use several social media outlets.

With videos, you can reach all people of all ages since everyone, from a toddler to a senior citizen watches videos. Once you get people’s attention, your videos can also be shared across all social media platforms.

Different Types of Marketing Videos For Your Video Marketing Strategy

Marketing videos services-Bigeasyseo.comThere is no limit to the types of videos we can make for your business. You can choose which type of video would fit the purpose.

Once you are familiar with these types of videos, you can adapt each one to your video marketing strategy. Here are the most popular ones that you will be using again and again.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are the biggest category for online video content. You can use these for purposes like explaining your services and products, and even DIY videos.

Most explainer videos are placed on the business website homepage or landing page. They can also be emailed out to customers or spread out to social media sites. Explainer videos also function for “conversion” for businesses and services.

Promo and Video Ads

Your customers have seen a lot of these types of videos. Promo and video ads are targeted and will feature a business, product, service, or brand.

Sales and Discounts Videos

Videos like these can feature a limited-time offer or sale so you can attract customers to your products or services.

Making these videos are best during holiday shopping dates like Christmas, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Valentines Day. These dates are best for conversions.

Testimonial Videos

These videos are aimed to get feedback from customers from past experiences with your company. Choose testimonials that are believable and relatable for your chosen audience. It will be perfect for placing on landing pages and social media accounts.


With infographics, you can combine entertainment with learning about your brands. It can also showcase that you are an expert in your business.

Big Easy SEO: Your Local Marketing Video Company

Video marketing

Video marketing for businesses has become more popular and effective.

Even though it is popular, video marketing services will not break your bank. Here at Big Easy SEO, we offer comprehensive pricing for our video marketing services.

Contact us today for quality marketing videos catered especially for your business and get a free consultation!

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