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Cutting Edge Web Design Services That Convert

Digital marketing is an industry that is constantly changing shape.

Modern web design services are more focused on usability and accessibility rather than attractiveness.

There are many elements that have to be considered in developing a website that will perform in today’s competitive marketplace.

Big Easy SEO is an integrated creative agency that considers user experience, search engine optimization, usability, technical details, and responsiveness in their web design services that convert.

We simply implement the next big thing for businesses like yours.

Web Design

The Interaction Design Foundation defines web design as the design of websites that are displayed on the internet.

It usually refers to the user experience aspects of website development rather than software development.

The two most common methods for designing websites for desktop browsers, mobile, and tablet browsers are:

  • Responsive

    Big Easy SEO uses a responsive design with content that moves dynamically depending on screen size.

  • Adaptive

    We use adaptive design with website content that is fixed in the layout sizes that match common screen sizes.

Our website designers can build the website your business needs. We are passionate about creating web designs that bring the results you want, and we understand that the ultimate purpose of every website is to engage with a specific audience.

That is exactly what our web designers do. We will create a website that engages your target audience in a compelling, memorable, and visually stunning way.

Web Design Services to Fuel Your Business

web designing - Big Easy SEOWe are dedicated to offering web design services with SEO that you will be proud of.

We can provide expertise in various different areas of web design.

We are client-focused and we make sure that you are fully involved throughout the web design process.

We offer a variety of skill sets, solutions, and technologies with our design services.

We love providing our clients with different web designs that will specifically fit their business needs.

We also offer the best services for website design in New Orleans and other locations.

Our web design services include:

Different Types of Web Design

Not all businesses are alike. We create a completely original design and theme for your site that will genuinely reflect your brand, products, and services.

Our team is capable of developing multiple websites, redesigns, and rebrands. We match our website design with your message to produce outstanding user engagement and achieve impressive results online.

Our web designs come in different forms such as:

  • Custom Website Design

    We are a web design agency that creates originally built websites specifically for each of our clients.

    Our web design experts create custom websites with personalized designs and features, equipping the website with the functions specified in the project.

    We can create custom-made web applications that give your website unique functionalities and technical specifications no matter how complex.

    Our team has the experience to understand your design vision and requirements to create a new website that fulfills your expectations

  • WordPress Web Design

    We add great content to your website utilizing a powerful WordPress content management system. Having great content published on your site will boost traffic.
    With well-planned content management which includes adding content to your website on a regular basis, you can help build your business brand, reaching out and interacting with customers.

    Big Easy SEO has created hundreds of user-friendly, powerful, and intuitive WordPress websites.

    Our WordPress developers can work with creating premium WordPress themes for both new and existing websites.

  • ECommerce Web Design and Online Shops

    Do you want to extend the sales reach of your products and services using the net?

    We can build an eCommerce solution to suit your needs at a cost-effective price.

    Our web design team looks at all phases of your sales cycle, from initial purchase, the ordering process, delivery, and returning feedback from a customer after delivery of your product or service.

    We can also add features to your eCommerce website like:

    • Order tracking Gadgets showing web design services
    • Checking
    • Accounting

    Grow your online shop with us with eCommerce websites that sell!  We create multi-channel eCommerce websites where you can sell on eBay and Amazon in just a few clicks.

    You also have the option of integrating Google shopping into your eCommerce website and management panel making it fast and simple to sell your products on Google Shopping.

    Whatever your level of complexity, our web design services will provide a multitude of eCommerce modules and functionality for your website.

  • Responsive Web Design for Mobile Friendly Websites

    Our web design services include creating mobile-friendly responsive website designs to increase qualified website traffic and opportunities to increase your sales.

    Now, you can reach millions of mobile internet users and likewise increase your customer base.

    We employ responsive web design services configured to ensure that your site will be found by your potential customers using their mobile phones, tablets, and similar technologies.

  • CMS Web Design

    CMS (content management system) web design enables you or your marketing department to proactively edit and easily update the website on a regular basis because of its easy and friendly interface.

    Big Easy SEO can work with you to integrate a suitable solution into your business website that will allow you to take control of your website content.

    We will provide a backup by our web maintenance and support team to help you deal with issues that may arise.

Web Development

Our web designers can create websites for businesses of any size in any industry to promote and sell their products and services.

We develop websites that will offer your visitors features that will convert them into a lead or customers.

Hence, we incorporate web development services in our web design services to complete the package.

Your website will be designed and developed with the following services from our great team:

CTA Button - Big Easy SEO

  • On-page SEO including images
  • Graphic design
  • Purchase of images
  • Site maps
  • DNS changes
  • Video embedding or linking
  • Form integrations
  • Google and Bing verification
  • User design and usability
  • Buyer persona development
  • Content development
  • Content distribution and channel management
  • Inbound marketing strategy
  • Analytics and insights

Web Design Services That Produce Great Results for Your Biz

The goal for every web design service that we offer is to consistently drive qualified traffic to your site. That is where the true value of web design services lies.

We don’t just build attractive websites, we build websites that will increase the chance of success and continued growth for your business. Get your brand a logo for your website with Big Easy SEO and see the tangible results. Contact us now to get started with your own website and get your free consultation today!

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