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local SEO in New Orleans - Infintech Designs

What are the Best Ranking Strategies to Improve Local SEO?

Optimizing the local SEO is essential for startups and medium-sized companies which operate on a small scale.  It’s also essential for ranking means more leads, conversions, and website traffic because the strategy is more relevant concerning the base of local clientele.  It is worth noting the local pages tend to be competitive. Search engines have modified the system with paid ads to

digital marketing in new orleans - Infintech Designs

Is Digital Marketing Right for My Business?

The number of people who go online on a daily basis is constantly increasing and, given the fact about how accessible the internet is nowadays, that is an important thing to take into consideration when it comes to your business and hiring a company for digital marketing in New Orleans.  It is not a secret that offline marketing is not as effective as it used to be, that means that the

What Is the Difference Between Digital Marketing & Internet Marketing

What Is the Difference Between Digital Marketing & Internet Marketing?

It’s easy to get confused about digital marketing and Internet marketing. What's worse is that even the pros seem to use the terms interchangeably but there is indeed a difference between the two.  In fact, there is indeed a difference but not all interchanged uses are incorrect either. To explain the difference: Digital Marketing refers to all media marketing that takes place through

social media marketing in New Orleans - Infintech Designs

5 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Drive Results

Social media marketing in New Orleans can be difficult to get the hang of and work out what exactly works well for you and your brand, but it’s well worth it to learn how and experience the importance of social media marketing when done right. When you want to do any form of marketing, you will want to have an established brand and style for your company.  This goes a little

graphic design companies in New Orleans LA - Infintech Designs

The 10 Types of Graphic Design for Your Business

Graphic design in New Orleans is everywhere.  Behind every web site, billboard, pamphlet, a bit of photography, or magazine (and a lot more), there is a graphic design job.  Graphic design makes use of visual layouts to solve problems and express ideas through color, imagery, typography, and form.  It can be done in multiple ways and that's what makes it interesting and

New Orleans LA internet marketing - Infintech Designs

5 Internet Marketing Strategies for Your Business

It is without a doubt that the internet has revolutionized the business world and has penetrated almost all aspects of our lives.  Internet usage has also increased tremendously to all parts of the globe. People are spending hours online either for leisure or searching for products and services.  If you are not actively marketing your business online, you are leaving so much

New Orleans SEO consultant - Infintech Designs

Why Hire a Local SEO Consultant?

These days’ businesses need to optimize their sites according to the search engine optimization or SEO guidelines of the most popular search engines.  When people look for services in this era, they all pull out their phones and Google the nearest alternative. For one to get picked, they have to be at the top of the search results.  Should your business need these services,

digital marketing agency in New Orleans - Infintech Designs

Why You Need a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Small Business

Living in the digital age has taken its toll on traditional brick and mortar methods and changed the game in terms of how to get customers through the door and keep them coming back and loyal.  This is why digital marketing agencies are essential for small businesses. Especially in a thriving and competitive market like New Orleans where so many local companies are already taking

New Orleans SEO consultant - Infintech Designs

New Orleans SEO for your Online Store

Search engine optimization is one of the main buzzwords of the modern industry. When the major search engines like Bing or Google rank the platform, they consider several factors, including SEO.  The website may look appealing and accomplish all of the visual graphics needed to hook users, but if it does not have proper SEO and an online marketing strategy, then the platform is not

graphic design in New Orleans - Infintech Designs

10 Warning Signs that You’re Doing Graphic Design in New Orleans Wrong

A clean design for advertisements or a website can do a great service to expanding your business prospects. Whether you plan on doing it yourself or hiring a graphic designer from New Orleans there are a few things you should consider to ensure the best outcome for your designs and business in general. Clearly Described Instructions When working with a professional graphic

internet marketing in New Orleans - Infintech Designs

5 Biggest Myths About New Orleans Internet Marketing

There are a great many misconceptions about how marketing online can work for business and individuals. This isn’t helped by the fact that there is a propensity for an online marketing company to provide terrible results and therefore set the stage for these myths to propagate through word of mouth with no real evidence to show that they actually performed anything worthwhile.

Next Big Thing Internet Marketing New Orleans

The Next Big Thing in New Orleans Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, just as the name suggests, refers to marketing and advertising efforts that use email and the web to drive sales directly through electronic commerce. Internet or online marketing is used alongside traditional marketing methods such as flyers, radio, billboard, TV, and newspapers. With the increased use of the internet, online marketing has become an integral

Ways to Tell if Website is Credible

How to Tell If a Website is Credible

The internet has always been full of half-truths, fly-by-night shills and web designers that promise the world only to under-deliver (or not deliver at all) what you had expected. Your Guide to Finding the Right Web Design Agency This couldn’t be truer in 2018 and beyond. And as such it's more important than ever to “vet” any websites you do business with for credibility and

New Orleans logo design - Infintech Designs

How Should I Choose a Logo Design for my Business?

Branding and presentation matters. This is no different for companies competing in the global market, or locally in New Orleans, LA. The most basic description of branding is how you present the narrative and image of your business to the market. And when it comes to branding and positioning, your business logo design sets the stage for the way in which your business is received and

Social Media As Reliable Marketing Tool

How Can Social Media Be Used As a Reliable Marketing Tool

Exploring the World of Social Media Marketing We’ve all heard of social media in New Orleans. It’s everywhere that you go, and incorporated into everything from our cell phones to the Starbucks cup we’re drinking our morning coffee out of. To some entrepreneurs and business owners, social media marketing has proven to be the “next big thing” or “new shiny object” in

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