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How to Find Backlinks To Your Website – A Guide to SEO

Your link-building strategy matters. One of the most crucial parts of this is to find backlinks.

This will help so that you can boost up your site’s visibility, traffic, and rankings. If you are new to backlinks, you might be asking the golden question: “how do I find the backlinks to my website?

What are Backlinks?

Imagine making connections in real life. Backlinks work in a similar fashion.

You get backlinks when a website starts to mention another website on their site and links it to their site.

The website makes connections through other external websites. This is how your website generates traffic and helps level up your website.

How can I get backlinks fast

Let’s say you have a blog post about gardening that gains the attention of a gardening contractor.

They can link that post to their website and this will generate a backlink to your website. Another name for backlinks is incoming or inbound links.

The key is here to make sure you have high-quality links. This would get you better backlinks and results for your business!

You can also expect that your ranking will get you to more places and people.

Just a word of warning though! You can definitely pay to link sites to your website but this is risky. It can lead you to lose more on the rankings or for worse, be banned by Google.

Be wise about building backlinks.

Is Getting Backlinks Worth It?

Getting backlinks will help your website to get authority. It’s a badge that shows that a lot of websites are endorsing the content that you put out there.

Google checks this and upon seeing credible sites linking to your website, it can also start linking you to other websites.

This also helps you rank higher since more people would benefit from your credible content and links.

How to Get Quality Backlinks for my Site

If you want your website to be more relevant for more customers or just to your chosen audience, backlinks work.

This also helps you to have better relationships with other websites especially with those that are in the same or related field.

There is also a huge chance that you get more traffic. People are more likely to visit your website from well-established authority.

You can also help your brand to grow more and people would immediately think of you.

How Do I Get Quality Backlinks To My Site?

A first step to getting quality backlinks is to check which ones you already have for your website.

You can begin by using Google Analytics. To clear up any confusion, Google Analytics refers to backlinks as referrals.

Begin: Find The Right Google Profile

Make sure to pull up the right account so you can see your profile and views.

After logging in to Google Analytics, check if you have the right site on the top right-hand side of the page.

If not, drop down the choices and choose the right one.

Continue: From Dropdown Acquisition Reports To Referrals/Backlinks

Backlinks can be found under the Acquisition tab. This tab would be found in the left menu and once you click on this, you can see all acquisition reports.

Choose to view All Traffic and select Referrals.

Begin Again: Check The Backlinks Through The Referral Report

Going through the referral report will help you to see the backlink data you have.

You can also employ other advanced techniques for checking backlinks like:

  • Adding More Audience Segments
  • Using Primary Dimensions
  • Employing Advanced Filter Options

How Can I Get a Quality Backlinks Checker For Free?

If going through Google Analytics is too much work for you and you want accurate information, try these free backlinks checkers.

Once you see what sites are linked to you, you can invest in these sites and build better relationships with them.

Here is a quality backlinks checker for you to try out. Most can be used for free but you can upgrade for better options and tools.

Moz Link Explorer

There are free options available with Moz Link Explorer but for more options, you can upgrade with options from 99 to 599 dollars a month.

This can also help you build better backlinks that you can do on your own. One great feature of this is you can search a website and you can find info about links to that website.

You can see everything in between like anchor text used, inbound links, spam score, and others.

You can also a lot more with the links like:

  • Fix broken links
  • Discover or recover new or lost links
  • Begin on link prospecting
  • Learn more about competitor links
  • Generate link building options and opportunities
  • Use important link date to make content
  • Analyze anchor text in backlinks

You can learn more about link-building using Moz Link Explorer here.


An advantage of SEMrush is its massive database of information and how they update these daily. You can expect that you are updated down to the latest detail about your website’s backlink activity and information. You can check and monitor your and your competitor’s backlinks. SEMrush allows you to track not just one but multiple competitors’ sites and see their backlinks. You can even know who is linking to them. Key features about SEMrush are:

  • See the website links and even the title of the linking pages
  • See accurate text used
  • Check incoming links
  • Review the domain authority of links you have
  • Know the location of the backlinks

It is important that you can see and understand the links that you have on your website and the authority of the sites.

Not all links are the same and there are others that can give you more “link juice.” This link juice is what a site passes to another website. You can see which websites give more links juice to your business.

SEMrush helps you know what you need so you can benefit more from your backlinks.

You can begin with a free trial then upgrade for 99 to 399 or more dollars per month.

Learn about how to use their checker here.


Looking for a completely free checker? This one is completely free of charge.

We have Neil Patel to thank for that

Features on Ubersuggest include:

  • Check the site’s domain score
  • Keep up to date with a page score
  • View the backlinks to a certain page
  • Refer domains
  • Check the anchor text used
  • Verify the link type

You can also do a competitive analysis with Ubersuggest and see who links to your competitors.

How Can I Get Backlinks Fast?

You can decide from here about the new linking opportunities you have. This can help you boost your ranking.

Do not neglect the effect backlinks have on your business and website.

Focus on both the quality and quantity of your backlinks.

High-quality links are strong but even a lot of low-quality ones can help you do well in search engine rankings. If you need help, Big Easy SEO is here to help!