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5 Internet Marketing Strategies for Your Business

It is without a doubt that the internet has revolutionized the business world and has penetrated almost all aspects of our lives.  Internet usage has also increased tremendously to all parts of the globe. People are spending hours online either for leisure or searching for products and services.  If you are not actively marketing your business online, you are leaving so much


Why your SEO Efforts Should Extend to Mobile Devices

Every marketer who is worthy will probably claim that they know all they need to know about their organization’s SEO practices. But can anyone really know this? As far as internet search is concerned, there are thousands of ‘hack’ posts on how to improve your website’s search visibility. However, a majority of those resources seem to be focused on regular desktop search. Following


Study Finds That Mobile Search Is Top Source for Phone Leads

A new study has found that mobile search is the greatest source for phone leads as customers are calling businesses in greater numbers than ever before thanks to mobile marketing. A study done by Invoca, a call tracking and analytics company, looked at 58 million calls across businesses in 40 industries. The findings were published to their 2016 Call Intelligence Index. Report Highlights: 1.


Google Issues Penalty Against Mobile Sites Using Hidden Redirects

Google has made good on its promise to stop websites that trick users into visiting websites that they didn't intend to visit. In October of 2015, Google previously warned webmasters about redirecting users to other sites without their permission. As of May 2016, Google announced that they would be issuing penalties against websites that redirect mobile users to spammy domains. In 2015, as a


5 Reasons Why Mobile SEO Still Matters

As the number of options for mobile advertising increase, along with Google's mobile Adwords placements, many people wonder whether it is even still worth it to focus on SEO if paid search listings on mobile are becoming an attractive alternative. However, if your goal is to grow traffic to your business overall, you should resist the idea that you have to choose one over the other. Here are 5

Five Tips to Optimize Your PPC Campaign for Mobile

5 Tips to Optimize Your PPC Campaign for Mobile

These days most of the consumption of online content is done from a mobile device. Unfortunately, many PPC advertisers have yet to take advantage of this change by shifting their focus to optimizing their PPC campaign for mobile devices. By failing to optimize for mobile, these advertisers are increasing their costs and are creating terrible experiences for their mobile users. Here are five tips

Getting More Users

Tips for Getting More Mobile Users

Getting more mobile users is not hard when you use proven techniques. In fact, mobile is poised to become the largest source of online conversions. Focusing on your mobile marketing strategy can only help to improve results for your business. Here are some tips for getting more mobile users.   Create Device Specific User Experiences   The type of device that a person is

Changes in SEO After Google’s Mobile Update

In April, Google announced that it would be changing its search engine algorithm in order to cater to websites that are mobile-optimized. These changes came with worry across the web that businesses would lose rankings for failing to meet Google’s standards. In addition, companies had little time to make the changes with just a few months before the changes went into effect. If you are

Changes You Should Make After Google’s Mobile Update

As business owners worry about the outcomes stemming from Google's latest mobile update, there are a few things that you can do in order to get ahead of the game. Here is a brief overview of the changes that you should consider making now that Mobilegeddon has gotten underway. Focus on the Critical Parts of Your Site With mobile search, it is all about visibility. Since no one knows how websites

Mobile Customers

How to Alienate Your Mobile Customers

If your business is a local business or many people access your company's website via a mobile device, you probably want all of the mobile traffic that you can get. However, if you fail to do a few basic things, you can quickly alienate your mobile customers. Here are a few things to avoid according to a mobile marketing service provider in New Orleans. Poor Mobile Site Design The first thing

Mobile Marketing – Buying Decisions Happen on Mobile for 60% of Consumers

Mobile marketing has boomed and almost 60% of most target markets make the most of their mobile gadgets when trying to purchase online, particularly when looking for places to eat, automobiles, telecom solutions, and entertainment. This is according to the most recent study made by Telmetrics and xAd in the 3rd annual report from Mobile Path-to-Purchase. This is expected due to the growing


Mobile Marketing: What Local Businesses Should Know

In 2014, website visits from mobile devices continue to outpace all other forms of traffic. However, statistics indicate that many local businesses may still be behind the curve when it comes to taking advantage of mobile traffic. Here are some important statistics that you should be aware of if you still need to be convinced that mobile marketing is indeed important and should be one of the

Mobile Browsing

The Gotta-Knows of Mobile Browsing

Consumers are using more mobile devices to access the web than ever before, so it’s important your site is mobile-browser-friendly. Visits by traditional devices (desktop and laptop computers) decreased from 88.6% in the first quarter of 2012 to 78.9% in the first quarter of 2013. During that same time period, visits by smartphones increased from 5.4% to 10.4%. There are approximately 7.2

Smartphone Apps

6 Best Color Palette Smartphone Apps

If you're a designer, you know you can find color inspiration anywhere. It may strike when you're at the library, out on the town with friends, or at the park with your kids. It's hard to remember exactly what those colors look like unless you're right there in the moment. These six smartphone apps will help you capture those colors by pulling them from the pictures you take in order to create


6 Best Apps for Editing Photos on Your Android Phone

Getting that perfect shot isn’t always easy, especially if you're on your mobile phone. You may blur an area of the photo, capture something that you didn't know was in the background, or be the victim poor lighting conditions. That doesn't mean that your photo can't be beautiful, though. With the help of these apps, you can make an ordinary photo something extraordinary, all on your Android

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