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Big Easy SEO will help your company gain effective brand recognition with its premier logo design services. After all, it’s one of the iconic images that can make a lasting mark on your customer’s memory.

Whether you need a new logo or just need your logo design to be improved, our expert logo designers have a range of technical skills and creativity to make a logo for your business or company that will surely make a better impression.

We can design a whole new brand based on your logo. Our logo designers who have years of experience creating logos for both national and local brands create logos that are just not pretty but will actually help your business grow.

How Logo Design Works

Why is it important to invest time and money to create a stunning logo for your brand? Your logo is the ‘face’ of your company. It’s the first thing people notice and it presents your company’s mission, theme, personality, and philosophy.

Here are known facts that tells why an eye-catching visual format of a logo design that your customers will remember is crucial in the success of your business:

  • Out of 40 million daily Instagram posts, 10,000 or more include the Starbucks logo. This means that brand recognition based on design equals value.
  • Logo color can improve brand recognition by as much as 80%. Colors in a logo should be chosen strategically with input from top-notch logo designers.
  • It takes consumers just 10 seconds to form an impression about your brand based on its logo. First impressions happen fast so make sure that your logo sends the right message.

Big Easy SEO has a great team of logo design experts who can create a refreshed logo or a new design for your company.

Our goal is to drive users towards volunteering experiences that will match your brand identity and role in the business arena.

The Logo Design Process

There is an intrinsic process behind every great logo. We combine research and analysis with creative ingenuity to create an outstanding logo design that will represent your brand in the best way possible.

Here are the 7 basic steps on how we successfully provide the best logo design services:

Client Discovery

The very first step to Big Easy SEO’s logo design process is evaluating your brand. Our digital design team will understand your business goals and what your brand embodies.

The effectiveness of the logo we create will depend on the kind of impression that your brand is aiming for.

Logo design

You can expect these questions from our team as they seek to understand how you feel about your business:

  • Why are you getting a logo design? What problem are you trying to solve?
  • If your brand were a person, what adjectives would you use to describe it?
  • What is your brand voice?
  • Which beliefs and values are important to your brand?
  • What is your unique value proposition? What does your company offer that your competitors don’t?
  • How do you want your customers to describe your brand to their friends?

Industry Research

We understand that competition in the market is getting tighter as almost all businesses are shifting to digital marketing.

Whichever industry you belong to, we conduct thorough research on the logos of your major competitors and the leaders in your industry.

We will make sure that your logo design will stand out among your competitors.

Application Discovery

Custom Logo - Big Easy SEO

Our professional logo designs experts always create based on a complete list of how your logo will be used. How you need your logo will help us determine:

  • The color model
  • The shape
  • The design software to be used

The common use cases for a logo design that is important in logo design services include website icons, signs, and banners, product packaging, advertisements, social media profiles and banners, business cards, company letterheads, email marketing campaigns, and marketing swag (pens, shirts, mugs, and others).

Sketching a Variety of Logo Concepts

Our logo design services include sketching plenty of ideas that come into mind as we brainstorm on the message your brand wants to communicate to your audience.

Our logo design specialists sketch a wide variety of concepts, mixing and matching different elements until we get the perfect one.

Creating Digital Drafts in Vector Software

We experiment with logo colors and typography using specialized software to create a substantial logo.

Our expertise with logo design services will guarantee a great result. We will present you a flat logo along with any variations you desire, an overlay with brand imagery, and mockups.

Refining the Logo Design

We love getting feedback on the logo design we’ve created for you. Your feedback will help us see potential flaws and make articulated reasoning with the best judgment of our designers so you can get a knockout logo design.

Custom Logo Design - Big Easy SEO

Delivering the Final Logo Files

Our logo design experts will deliver the logo design files that include:

  • Layered source vector files
  • Layered EPS/PDF files
  • High-resolution raster files for the web, including PNGs with transparent backgrounds

Logo Design Services That Will Bring Your Brand to Life

Big Easy SEO knows how to perfectly anchor your logo design to your brand’s identity. Our awesome team of expert logo designers has breathed life into a number of diverse brands with distinct personalities.

Our logo design services will compel your customers to do business with you so you can achieve your business goals.

If you want to know more about our logo and amazing digital design services, contact us today for a free consultation!

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