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Shreveport Web Design and Digital Marketing – Big Easy SEO

Big Easy SEO is a reliable Shreveport web design service that has helped numerous businesses make strides in their online marketing.

We offer an extensive array of powerful yet affordable search engine optimization services such as local, national, and international SEO as well as social media management and branding to help you succeed.

As a website design company, we know internet marketing and web design both play an integral role in helping businesses build their brand awareness and attract new customers.


What is Digital Marketing and Why It Matters for Businesses

Digital marketing is a way to get potential customers to notice your company.

It is one of the best ways to generate more business for a wide range of companies, which is why it’s important for local businesses in Shreveport, LA.

Digital marketing involves using all sorts of technology and advertisements online. There are many formats that you can use, but they include social media, search engine optimization, video marketing, and content creation.

Reach Local and Global Audiences With Web Design

web design shreveport - big easy seo

When a business has the right website, it can be easily found by people who are looking for the kind of products or services that it offers.

This is especially important today when so many people use their smartphones to shop online and find services that they need.

Website design or web design refers to the process of developing and maintaining websites.

Many aspects go into website design, including:

  1. The design of the front-end of a website, which is what the user sees when they visit.
  2. The back-end or administrative functions of a website, which allow for the maintenance and management of content.
  3. The development of functionality allows for different aspects of the site to work. For example, if someone adds an item to their shopping cart, a site may need to be designed in a way that will allow for that shopping cart to be accessible from wherever else they are on the site.

Web Designers Can Help You Stand Out From Competitors

In many cases, website design is the number one factor that affects how customers view a company.

A web design that’s attractive, easy to navigate, and simple is going to convey professionalism. On the other hand, a web design that’s outdated or difficult to use is going to turn customers off.

This creates the opportunity for local Shreveport web designers to provide an amazing service and help companies get ahead of their competitors.

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Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization – also known as SEO – is the process of getting traffic to a website through organic search.

When someone types a word or phrase into a search engine, like Google or Bing, that’s being searched for specifically – whether it be a product, place, or service – the algorithm is looking to match the websites it knows about with the keywords being put into the search engine.

Advantages of Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is the utilization of online media formats to advertise your business.

The benefits are present in many forms:

  • Broad Reach
  • Measurable Results
  • Fast Results
  • Targeted Results
  • Low Overhead Costs
  • No Travel or Accommodations Expenses
  • Unlimited Creativity and Flexibility

Our online presence builders maximize the use of online formats to generate traffic, turn the traffic into leads and sales and offer high-quality customer service.

Big Easy SEO’s social media management service focuses on using the platforms that your consumers use in order to keep them engaged with your business.

web design and digital marketing shreveport

The Benefit of Hiring an Expert Digital Marketing Agency

The difficulty of handling internet marketing for both medium and small businesses can take lots of time. The entrepreneur might not have enough knowledge of the internet marketing strategies to use and may spend more money just to get the service done.

Investing in a reliable digital marketing agency could surely save you time and money.

Building an online business without the help of experienced service may result in failure as you may not get to attract more customers. It will only waste your potential opportunities for making significant income.

Big Easy SEO is a digital marketing and web design company that has over a decade of experience in Shreveport area and helping businesses get better.

We create websites and help you handle your online presence, such as social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and email marketing.

Our team can help you get more leads and sales through organic search, paid campaigns, and affiliate marketing. Our strategy can significantly increase your web traffic, search engine ranking, web presence, and other marketing goals.

Our Core Service

Our design team will help you build not only beautiful websites but also responsive and mobile device-friendly websites.

The scope of our service includes:

We are here to help you achieve your business goals using our proven development services, substantial resources, and the latest in internet marketing strategies.

Get the Help You Need from Big Easy SEO

We know you need help, and Big Easy SEO is here to assist you to create a lasting first impression on your clients, customers, and target audience. Our web designers will help you build websites that are tailored to your company’s needs.

Call us today and get your free consultation.

The Shreveport-Bossier City Metropolitan area is home to 200,000 people. It is the third-largest metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana and is located in the northwestern part of the state, near Texas and Arkansas.

The title “The Ratchet City” was coined by famed Shreveport Journal publisher Grant W. Huey during his tenure from 1926-1960. He quoted an unnamed railroad agent who used that term to describe Shreveport’s fast and furious business-like attitude.

The Shreveport Metropolitan Area is home to an abundance of oil and gas companies, thanks in large part to the rich Spindle Top Oil Field. It is believed that this oil field has brought about $20 billion into the community as well as funded countless infrastructure projects.

  • Bossier City Poboy’s  – This Cajun restaurant is famous for its delectable poboy’s. The buffalo shrimp po’boy is highly recommended.
  • Take a Swamp Tour – There are two main companies that offer tours of the swamp, If you want to see some alligators, this is a must.
  • Paddle the Swamp – Many companies offer kayak and canoe rentals for use in the swamp.
  • Flyboard  – This water sport takes a Jetski or Wave Runner, adds a board with a hose attached to the back of it, then tops it off with a pair of skis. The hose shoots out water which enables you to do flips and crazy maneuvers in the air.
  • Shreveport City Park – This park is home to a zoo, an old-fashioned carousel, an amphitheater, a golf course, paddle boats on Cross Lake, and miles of walking trails.
  • Riverfront – Take a walk along the river and visit the shops and restaurants on 3rd Street or watch the paddle boats go by from your hotel room balcony. There are also several casinos nearby should you feel like gambling.
  • Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets – This is one of the largest outlet malls in Louisiana. It features over 100 outlet stores and is home to the only Bass Pro Shop in the stat

The most common mode of transportation in Shreveport is the car. By a large majority, census figures show only 6 percent of people commute via bus, and 1 percent work around the city using bicycles. Car rentals will be the best way if you want to go around the city. Public transportation is available through various bus services managed by the city.

The area where Shreveport is located was historically occupied by the Caddo people, who used the river as a trade route.

The Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto was the first recorded European visitor to the area in 1542. He stayed six days and wrote of his experiences on one of his three ships, giving an account that may have contributed to interest in the river among later European explorers and settlers.

When the Louisiana Purchase was made in 1803, Governor William Charles Cole Claiborne established Shreve Town on a high bluff along the river 0.5 miles (0.8 km) above where the Red River joins it.

By design, this site could be defended easily against any enemy attack upriver. In 1839, the military and trading post of Fort Worth was established at this bluff, which also served as a stop on the Texas Road between Natchitoches and Marshall, Texas.

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