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Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Services – Get More Customers for Your Online Store

If you are looking for innovative ways to provide your shoppers with a unique experience that will increase their engagement and loyalty, Big Easy SEO is your eCommerce conversion rate optimization agency that knows what to do for you.

With our eCommerce conversion rate optimization services, you are guaranteed to experience turning leads into customers, increased traffic, more transactions, customer loyalty, and higher conversions.

What is Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization?

When a visitor on your website or eCommerce platform performs an action that leads him or her to become a customer, the action is called a conversion.

In Ecommerce, the most important conversion is undoubtedly a purchase.

Hence, the conversion rate in eCommerce is the percentage of visitors who complete a purchase.

It is the percentage of website visitors who purchased something from your online store in a set period of time.

The typical conversions for an eCommerce website include:

  • Big Easy SEO | Ecommerce CRO ServicesAn online sale
  • A user adding a product to their cart
  • A user adding an item to their wishlist
  • Email signups
  • Social media shares
  • Any KPI your company finds valuable

Optimizing your eCommerce conversion rate is simply increasing your sales with the same amount of traffic resulting in increased profitability of your marketing budget.

Big Easy SEO has a time-and-tested eCommerce conversion rate optimization process that will improve your customer’s shopping experience to drive sales and other important eCommerce key performance indicators (KPIs) like:

  • Customer retention rate
  • Email click-through-rate
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Organic acquisition rate
  • Engagement
  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Subscription rate
  • Program participation rate

Ecommerce Conversion Rates Increase

A 2%+ conversion rate should be the baseline goal for your online store.

Even if you hit that goal, Big Easy SEO can still perform more advanced conversion rate tactics for you.

But before our eCommerce CRO agency experts do what they do to increase your conversions, they will have to know what your current visitors are doing.

This will help them set up the proper eCommerce conversion rate benchmarks for your online store.

Some of the useful eCommerce tools that we use to help analyze your current conversion rate issues include:

  • HotJar, an excellent tool for understanding from a high level how your users interact with your website.
  • Quantcast Measure, a tag-based tool that fills the niche between Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics. It measures users’ site usage and provides advanced demographic data on a per-click basis.
  • Google Analytics, gives a great view into your website visitors like how many visitors converted and the interaction that led to the conversion.
  • Big Commerce Analytics, that has multiple Analytics dashboards that can help diagnose conversion problems without customers.

While there is no universal formula for Ecommerce conversion rate optimization, the small changes from our Ecommerce CRO strategies and tactics can have a significant effect on your sales/customer ratio.

Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Services - Big Easy SEO

Here is how we systematically optimize your eCommerce conversion rates:

  1. Benchmarking Conversion Rate

    First, we determine your present conversion rate. If you have a website hosted on an eCommerce platform like Shopify, we can get your conversion rate from the built-in analytics dashboard of the platform.

    Otherwise, Google Analytics can show how people used your website, where they exist, and your current conversion rate.

  2. Meeting the Trust Threshold

    Big Easy SEO’s eCommerce CRO services experts will systematically remove obstacles and increase incentives to increase your eCommerce conversion rate.

    We make sure that visitors get past the “Trust Threshold” with improvements in your offer that will increase the sales you get.

    We increase consumer trust in your eCommerce website by using Social Proof.

    There are specific techniques that we implore in applying social proof to eCommerce websites such as:

    • Including testimonials on our home page
    • Applying social proof to your product pages
    • Social proof on category pages
    • Social proof in the search bar
    • Social proof in the checkout process
    • Displaying contextual details for your reviews
  3. Identifying and Removing Usability Problems

    We use Session-Per-User as an accurate predictor for website Revenue.

    Hence, we keep your website as user-friendly as possible to increase the number of return visits of your visitors. If we see issues with usability, we remove them immediately.

    Our eCommerce conversion rate optimization experts are adept in using CRO tools to find and fix usability problems before they impact your sales.

    If you need more detailed insight into the way your users are navigating your site, we use heat maps, scroll maps, and on-page surveys.

    A significant element in eCommerce CRO is website UX (user experience) which directly impacts eCommerce conversions.

    We have expert web dev and web design teams who can make your website as focused and transparent as possible.

    In short, a website that your visitors can browse through with cognitive ease is the foundation of a good user experience.

    They integrate these important elements, among many others, into eCommerce websites that have high conversion rates:

    • Keeping form field to a minimum
    • Avoiding unnecessary content
    • Highlighting important elements with visual cues
  4. Creating Persuasive Content

    We understand how creative content can have a big impact if your products are presented from your visitors’ point of view. That’s exactly what our fantastic content team does.

    We optimize eCommerce conversion rates by applying strategies like:

    • FOMO (fear of missing out) marketing to create a sense of urgency
    • Loss Aversion can trigger your visitors to take action
    • Personalized product descriptions that focus on the benefits that a customer can expect to receive
    • Personalization plugins that allow your website to respond to your visitors
    • Dynamic content with heading and button texts turned into highly personal call-to-actions
    • Geolocation that delivers information specific to your visitors’ location
  5. A/B Testing Content

    A/B tests are an essential part of eCommerce conversion rate optimization.
    Our eCommerce CRO experts run thorough A/B tests to really understand what kind of content engages your visitors.

    This will allow adjustments in the design and content of your site to increase sales or sign-ups.

Proven Techniques for Improving eCommerce CRO

Take an extra step to stand out from the crowd with Big Easy SEO’s eCommerce conversion rate optimization services.

Our proven techniques for boosting your eCommerce CRO like using reviews and popularity to apply social proof, restructuring your site to simplify things and improve user experience, and harnessing urgency and scarcity to add value to your products will produce results for your business. We also offer landing page CRO.

Improve your conversion rates and increase your sales online with Big Easy SEO. Contact us today!

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