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Individuals and commercial platforms come to us to fix their sales and marketing issues. We tell them the first thing they have to do is pay attention to their relationship with the market.

They free up their schedules to concentrate on how their businesses can become better in terms of advertising and engagement.

So you have to ask yourself a number of questions if you are thinking about content marketing and experiencing particular problems with your business.

For example, you may consider the nature of the website if it is outdated and whether you have multiple means of reaching the customer. These are some of the things we cover in social media marketing in New Orleans.

Social Media Marketing

It is an internet marketing option that entails the creation and sharing of content on social media to attain marketing and branding objectives.

Social media marketing means activities, including text and image updates, as well as other content that drives the engagement of the audience as well as paid social media advertising.

Before starting social media marketing campaigns, you need to consider the objectives of the business.

Starting a campaign without a particular social strategy is the same as going somewhere, you do not know without a map and directions.

Some questions then are essential such as the target audience, the end game through social media marketing, and the message being sent to the customer base through the available platforms.


Social media campaigns can assist you in meeting your objectives in several ways. These include the following:

  • The increase in traffic to the website
  • Building conversions
  • A higher level of brand awareness
  • Creation of a brand identity

The more engaged the audience seems to be on the networks, the easier it becomes to achieve the marketing goals on the list. Social media marketing suggests the following marketing tips for social media.

  • Good social content:

Content is the main thing when it comes to social media. Try to post as regularly as possible and give valuable information that the ideal clients are going to find interesting.

The content one shares on social networks may include videos, infographics, how-to guides, and several other things.

  • Content planning:

As discussed before, the construction of a social media marketing plan is crucial. You may go for competitive research means or keyword research to assist in brainstorming content to interest the target audience.

You can look at what the other platforms in the same industry or area are doing to increase engagement on social media.

You may also activate the trend analysis factors for the platform by analyzing the performance of your business over the last two or three years and then form a chart that will project the future performance considering the current resources. Social media platforms such as Facebook provide these analytics for business pages.

Social Media Marketing

They gauge the performance of the sites in terms of consumer engagement and site visits. These can be used to ascertain the types of customers that the page attracts. Demographics of age, gender, location, and preferences may be provided.

It gives a hint of where the page may be performing well as opposed to where the platform is not performing as well. The content may then be altered to suit the target audience to improve the level of sales.

  • Social media for content promotion

A social media marketing agency like Big Easy SEO is a great means for sharing content with all readers. Once there is a loyal following on social media, it becomes possible to post new content and make certain the readers can find the stuff immediately. At the same time, good blog content will assist in bringing more followers.

  • The sharing of curated links

Though the use of social media as a means of marketing is one of the best ways for leveraging one’s content to gain followers, it may also be a chance to link outside articles.

If the other sources provide good information that you believe the target audience is going to enjoy, then do not be shy about linking to them. Linking and curating to outside sources increases the levels of trust and reliability, and some links may be attained in return.

Trends you Need to Consider


You may have started to notice many platforms are showing a large number of videos and streaming as opposed to before. It is because social media marketing has found that people tend to scroll past pictures, but videos tend to be much more engaging, especially if there is high-speed internet on hand. It is also the case if the video is in real-time. The mode of the content may vary, particularly when it is in the video.

Social Listening

Consider the social media page and see what people are saying concerning the posts.

Oftentimes they are giving criticisms that are legitimate as a source of feedback.

You may utilize this to help you make better content and post things that people will look at. Users want to feel heard.

If you engage with them on these matters, it creates more following for the service or product and a higher tendency for social media success.

It would seem there are a lot of trends depending on where you are and the product category. The main thing is to know the platform or agency to get behind.

social media listening - big easy seo

At Big Easy SEO, we have the industry knowledge, tools, and know-how to show how to invest the time and money to improve social media presence for the best results.

We advocate for the use of all social media platforms such as Facebook, and Twitter depending on where you find the best results for the service or product offering. Social media marketing can provide staff and consultancy to help you get a business social media campaign off the ground and engage with the assigned target market.

We can also teach you how to draft analytics for the market so that you are better able to chart progress and expectations for future performance. Contact us at any time, and we’ll be glad to help with any digital marketing you might need.

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