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Best Web Design Trends for 2022 Bigeasyseo

Convert Users Into Loyal Customers With The Best Web Design Trends for 2022

How do you get smarter in digital marketing and see results from your web design efforts? We will introduce to you the web design trends for 2022 that businesses need to make their users convert into paying and loyal customers.

Web design is focused both on aesthetics and functionality in order for it to help achieve business goals. It aims to move the customer down the funnel to take the action that you desire them to take.’

Let’s explore the top web design trends for 2022 that will have an impact on your key performance indicators and business goals.

22 Web Design Trends for 2022

1. Mini-sites With Humor

A web design trend that you should not ignore is a website instilled with humor. Make your users smile and laugh with a creative and playful UX design. Be both subtle and surprising in bringing humor into the copy, images, site navigation, interactions, and menus.

2. Web-based Scavenger Hunts

Bring out the child in your users by creating a website with puzzles and scavenger hunts in a variety of styles that reflect the message of your brand. Be creative in enthralling your users with a web design that makes them enjoy their stay. You can use scavenger hunts in your design for special events such as:

  • A product launch
  • Releasing a new video
  • Giving the user a hidden piece of information

3. App-like Experiences

The digital world is filled with apps. Make your users interact and provide a dynamic experience for them when they are on your site. This is a key web design for increasing user experience because you are focused on providing unique opportunities for interaction.

4. One-page Websites

Minimalism is a global trend. It is also a trend in web design. Providing a simple and convenient one-page website that provides the needs of your users at a glance can be the best web design for 2022. The shorter time your user needs to get the information he or she needs, the better.

5. A Strong Sense Of Place

A solid sense of place

Make connections with your users by using images that feature the location of the home of your services and products. Sharing where you are will make a real-world connection. This gives the message that you are for real and that you are welcoming them into your world.

6. Art Deco Motifs

Another minimalist theme that you can use for a trending web design is by incorporating art deco motifs with geometric designs on your website.

It’s a simple and pleasing way to combine elements of the natural world with modern lines and patterns. You can consider using art deco motifs in web design by using the following:

  • Clean, curved lines
  • Oval faces
  • Reduced detail
  • Exaggerated proportions

7. Fewer Images In Heroes

Putting a lot of images on a page can be heavy and distracting for the eyes. You can choose to craft hero sections and landing pages that give visual impact at a glance. Just use images that directly speak of your unique brand identity.

You can even forgo images and play with layout, color, and typography that will still communicate your brand’s message.

8. Oversized Typography

Let your users understand what you want to say loud and clear by using oversized typography. This is one more way to portray minimalism, which, as mentioned earlier, is becoming a trend. Use words as a graphic element to make your users want to see more on other pages of your website.

9. Interactive Fonts

Let’s make using fonts more exciting and interactive for your users. Another trend in web design is making the text on your web page move when the mouse is moved. Just be careful not to overdo it because the movement can be distracting for some users.

10. Responsible Motion Design

Use motion responsibly and subtly when you want to add another element of interactivity into your web design.

You can avoid motion sickness in animation by not going overboard when you want to incorporate motion in elements of your web design that can cause confusion. Only add motion when it is needed.

11.  Collage Illustration

Collage illustration

Grab the attention of your users with collage illustrations that offer more white space and a tactile feel on a page on your website. Make the images and their design, colors, and shapes match the overall web design.

12. Abstract Illustrations

Add a natural feel to your web design by using abstract illustrations. They give a sophisticated look with a sense of organic touch. Make sure that the colors blend and create effects that are appealing. Remember that it should still speak the message of your brand.

13. Gradients with Grain

Added grain on gradients creates a more natural effect that provides texture. Depending on your overall design, you can incorporate gradients and grain on the whole page, the background, or only on specific elements of your web design.

14. Linework

Bring style and impact to your web design with different sorts of lines. There are a variety of ways you can use lines in web design.

Apply them appropriately on sections, headers, paragraphs, product galleries, or a grid for the entire webpage. Choose the design, color, and type of line that will bring the effect of your brand message.

15. Split-screen Websites

This type of layout can put an interesting spin on your website design. Many modern websites use the split-screen to guide users by naturally separating the content of a page while giving visual interest.

16. More Glassmorphism

Glassmorphism combines transparency, movement, and blur to make elements on a web page look and behave like glass when seen. It is usually applied to logos and illustrations. It creates a mesmerizing effect as it uses the principles of diffusion, shadow, and reflection to create an optical illusion.

17. Less Neumorphism

If you want a modern minimalist design for your website, use less neumorphism by doing the following:

  • Use low contrast monochrome elements,
  • Use subtle shadows,
  • Avoid using lines and sharp borders

Lessening neumorphism will make your website more accessible, especially for those who have vision difficulties.

18. Inclusive Copy

You can make your website more welcoming and more accessible by creating a more inclusive copy. This will allow you to reach more customers, regardless of their language or ability. One example you can incorporate into your web design is adding language guidelines, a very useful feature.

19. Gender-neutral Design

This is becoming a standard in web design trends because it also reflects inclusivity and universality. Since you will have users globally, it is necessary that your website avoids unnecessary gender-focused details. Also, avoid assumptions based on gender, which will show that you respect whoever your visitor is.

20. Page Speed Prioritization

Page Speed optimization

Do not underestimate the impact of page speed on the performance of your website. It will affect other key metrics that define the success of your website.

Site speed should still be your priority in web design, so make sure that you do not put too many elements in your design that will slow down your site’s speed. You do not want your users to wait because they won’t, no matter how attractive your website is.

21. Building With Dynamic Content

Use dynamic content in web design to make it easier for you to post content regularly and to keep your content up-to-date. With dynamic content, you will not need to adjust each blog post manually, for example, when it’s time to update it.

If your website has content that needs to be changed constantly, dynamic content will make the job of adjusting every time easier for you. It is an efficient way of designing a website without needing a large amount of labor.

22. No-code Is Being Used For More Teams

Coding can make web design finish longer, especially if there are members of the team who are not familiar with the process. It has empowered many web designers that do not have experience in coding.

This makes the work of web designing more efficient because there will be no pressing need for training. Web designers can create a web design that can be referenced by anyone in the team or in the company.

Web design trends 2022 is all about looking forward to the future. The technology used for web design is always changing, but, even with these changes, there are trends from the past that are making a return.

Customer behavior is ever-changing as well, making web design a more diverse and experimental venture.

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