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10 Best SEO Auditing & Monitoring Tools to Use for Your Website

In today’s fast-paced world, it is not enough to be well-versed at search engine optimization (SEO), using the best SEO tools for auditing and monitoring your website is a must. If you are familiar with using SEO, you should know that Google’s algorithm is becoming more and more complex. It is not as simple as before as simply utilizing keywords.

You should know that Google can use up to 200 factors in terms of its search ranking and other than that, it can update and change its search algorithm more than a thousand times each year. So you can expect that a change can happen in a day. So to keep up, you need to have the best tools so that you don’t fall behind.

If you don’t want to do all that work, and it is pretty understandable, you need SEO audit tools to give you a helping hand. They are built specifically to look for any SEO issues that web pages encounter, most of them are also free.

Now that your attention has peaked, here are 10 of the top SEO tools for auditing and monitoring your website in 2021.

What is a Site Audit?

Web & Development - Big Easy SEOA site audit is a complete analysis of all the different factors that affect a site’s visibility in major search engines.
A site audit is a standard method that will give a full insight into any kind of website, overall traffic and individual pages. A site audit is mainly done for marketing purposes.

What Can A Site Audit Do?

  • Evaluate the technical aspect of a website’s performance
  • Evaluate the website’s speed, health and performance
  • Improve the efficiency and visibility of a website
  • Identify website related issues
  • Find ways on how to fully optimize a website for search engine traffic
  • A site audit can improve your security and ROI (return on investment)

10 Tools for Auditing and Monitoring Your Website – H2

  1. HubSpot Website Grader

    The HubSpot Website Grader allows you to learn about your website’s performance in mere seconds, receive support on how you can improve, feedback and solutions on how to fix problems. You simply need to enter the URL of your site.

    The tool can also teach you how to optimize your site for mobile, implement the best security practices, and provide support on how you can overall improve your site.

  2. SEMrush

    SEMrush is a well-known SEO audit tool, it helps scan your website and identify 130 technical and SEO errors. The best thing about this tool is that it provides the results in an intuitive graph.

    SEMrush is free to do SEO audits for the first 100 web pages after that you need to pay $99.95 per month but you are able to do a whopping 100,000 monthly page crawls.

  3. Google Analytics

    Google analytics website under a magnifying glass - Big Easy SEOThis tool has a free and a paid version, so you can pick which option you like. The free version allows you to filter your referral traffic, compare organic vs. non-organic website traffic, have site content reports and many more.

    Google Analytics can identify which of your web pages has the most traffic so you can have an idea on how to do SEO optimization on those web pages.

  4. SpyFu

    SPYFu is another well-known SEO audit tool. It is fast at updating you on any Google updates and reports related keywords that you don’t need also, this tool shows you your competitors’ cost valuable content. SPYFu can also track your domain’s SEO performance for the past 15 years.

    SPYFu can cost you between $33 to $299 per month.

  5. UPCity SEO Report Card

    Using this audit tool is for free. It shows you a report on your site’s rank analysis, link building, on-site analysis, website accessibility, trust metrics, and current indexing. The UPCity SEO report card will help you analyze your site’s performance and how it compares to your competition.

  6. Screaming Frog SEO Spider ( for crawling )

    One unique thing about Screaming Frog SEO Spider is not the name, but it is based on a cloud software that makes it different from other audit tools on this list. This tool can find broken links ( 404s) and server errors, integrates with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and PageSpeed Insights API.

  7. Google Pagespeed Insights

    This Google Pagespeed Insights tool analyzes the content of a webpage, then will generate suggestions to improve web page speed. You can use this tool on desktop and mobile devices. The tool will also provide you with lab and field data about the webpage. It helps you fix issues and understand why those issues are slowing down your web application.

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  8. GTMetrics

    GTMetrics is a tool to help you easily test the performance of web pages. This tool will analyze a web page and you can see how it is performing. You can try this tool for free. If your webpage has gone global, you can use GTMetrics to see how your web page is performing around the world. There is a free test location and a premium test location for you to choose from.

  9. Pingdom Website Speed Test

    Man with laptop and coffee - Big Easy SEOThis tool allows you to gain insights in the availability and performance of your website. Pingdom will help you to make data driven decisions on what improvements to make on your site by reports that can easily be understood. The Pingdom Website Speed Test will analyze the load speed and will give feedback on how to make it faster.

    The tool comes with a free trial where you can see fast and reliable monitoring for two weeks and comes with paid subscriptions for every monitoring need you have. When you renew your subscription for one more year, you get one month free.

  10. WebPageTest

    WebPageTest is a free tool as long as you are not creating a product or service that competes with Catchpoint’s offerings. Catchpoint acquired WebPageTest back in 2020 and they are a digital experience monitoring platform.

    The tool allows you to test the user experience with many locations globally. Provide in-depth metrics on DNS, TCP, TLS, and more. WebPageTest also can correlate your users’ visual experience to the technical measurements of your site.

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