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How Can Video Marketing Grow Your Business?

A lot of people have been using video marketing as an important part of their campaign strategies.

There are many types of content you can put out there, but videos just seem to hit differently.

Everyone, from toddlers to the elderly is highly entertained by videos and most of them get information from videos they see.

About eighty-five percent of the internet audience in the United States are hooked to watching videos online

If you are not investing in video marketing yet, you are definitely missing out on a big opportunity.

How Do Businesses Use Video In Marketing?

Even Forbes agrees about how great of resource videos are for businesses and their online presence.

Most internet users stay online and watch 16 hours of videos every week.

When it comes to products and services, about 66 percent of customers like to watch videos about them rather than simply reading.

Almost 81 percent of businesses use video marketing now!

Different Types of Videos For Marketing

No video is the same, so you better brush up on your knowledge about the different types of videos you can use for marketing.

This will also help you see how businesses can use these different types of videos to their advantage.

  • Demo Videos – This kind of video is aimed towards helping customers understand how a service or product works.

You can showcase different products through unboxing and demonstrating how to use them.

  • Brand Videos – Brand videos are focused on your business identity as a whole. You can think of this as an intro video for your business so customers can know you better. Showcase your business mission, vision, and initiatives, employees, and even promotions.
  • Event Videos – Do you have special events that are about to happen in your business? Are you participating in events like fundraisers, community gathering, or showcases? You can show your company’s activities and involvements as publicity.
  • Expert Interviews – This will help your customers to also learn not just about your business but about the industry that your business is in. You can find experts in your industry and interview them about specifics your customers would want to know. This will be an in depth look at your services and products. It can contribute to growing your pool of viewers and customers.
  • Instructional Videos – Create how-to videos that can help you interact with your customers more.

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People search for how-to videos and they really pay attention to these types of videos. They range from images to text-based..even to short stories! Others share these to their family and friends, so you can bet that you will get exposure. You can also refer inquiries to your videos so your sales and service teams have more material to work with.

  • Animated Videos – Just because it’s animated,  it does not mean that it will be limited to what you can showcase in your video. You can discuss any concept and animate it for all kinds of audiences. Some services or products are hard to explain so you can use visuals to your advantage.
  • Testimonial Videos – Gather together some of your loyal customers and film their experience about working with you. This will give you authentic and raw feedback that more customers will appreciate. You can ask them to share what problems they had prior to working with you and how your services or products have helped them.

How Can Video Help Your business?

You might still be thinking: how do you promote your business using video marketing?

How can videos help your business? We are here to help you find out the wonders that video marketing can offer for your business.

Increased Sales and Conversions

Videos can help generate more profit. This does not apply to certain businesses only, it can help whatever business you have.

Having a video on your landing page can give you more than 80 percent of conversions.

If you have products, you can expect that more people will buy from you.

About 75% of customers are convinced after watching a demo or instructional videos.

This is not surprising information because a huge population of customers are visual learners. You don’t need to always know how to read to understand what’s happening in a video.

Videos Help Bring More Return In Investment

You might be racking your brain about how you can make top-notch videos. It’s already 2021 so you can expect that there are a plethora of video editing tools you can use and even high-end ones are affordable.

It is not the easiest and cheapest marketing strategy but it has great results every time. If you are dead serious about making videos, focus on content.

Many viral videos are not the best edited or most technical ones but it was the content that set them apart from other videos.

Videos: Google Approved Strategy

Videos help your visitors linger longer in your website. This helps build trust and approval from search engines.

Since people spend a lot of time on your website, it means you have good and legit content.

Let this number do the talking: you are 53 times more likely to get to the top of search results with a video on your website.

Remember YouTube? This video streaming platform is connected to Google and also having your videos there can help you with search engine results.

Worried About Lazy Customers? Let The Videos Do The Convincing

Not everyone likes reading long transcripts just to learn how your services and products work. Videos are great tools to help information spread faster.

There is no limit to what you can include in your video’s content!

All your customers have to do is to press play, listen to, and watch your video and they already know what you can do for them. Another advantage? Videos are easier to share!

Reach more people and get them to know more about you and your business. Use videos for your future marketing campaign.

Clueless where you can start? Contact Big Easy SEO for quality video marketing strategies catered especially for your website.