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The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing

According to HubSpot, videos come second in the most-used content type on social media to increase audience engagement.

So, if you haven’t seen how video marketing can impact your business growth, let’s start with the video marketing fundamentals.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing business-Bigeasyseo.comVideo marketing is a marketing strategy that utilizes various forms of video media to promote a product and/or a service. The goal of using videos in marketing is to attract and educate a target audience, retain their interest and convert them into paying customers.

Video marketing plays a great role in marketing any brand. It works to engage, convert, provoke emotions, and move customers along the marketing funnel. It is a powerful and effective tool in impacting every stage of a buyer’s journey.

Why is Video Marketing Important?

The future of video marketing is very bright. When you use videos in your marketing strategies, you will be able to reach 97.8% of US internet users aged between 18 and 24.

The other reasons that make video marketing a must for every business include these interesting facts:

  1. More consumers prefer seeing video content from a brand or business they support. 73% claim that their purchasing decision has been influenced by a brand’s social media presence.
  2. 86% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, include video content in your marketing strategy.
  3. Video marketing can bring a satisfying ROI. 88% of video marketers claim that they are satisfied by their video marketing efforts on social media.
  4. It can bring in more qualified leads for your business. Optinmonster reported that video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year with their video marketing efforts.
  5. More businesses use video in their marketing efforts, especially on the most popular social media sites (YouTube and Facebook) where consumers and potential customers hang out.
  6. Nearly 8 out of 10 consumers have purchased software or apps after watching a video about the brand.
  7. It is predicted that a great percentage of global internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloads.

We hope that these facts are good enough reasons to make you decide to include video marketing in your marketing strategies. It is no secret that this marketing strategy is one of the most popular choices that you should not ignore.

Video Marketing Encourages Social Shares

Video Marketing Logo

Videos create momentum on any social media platform. In fact, it is one of the reasons your target audience is scrolling through their social media page.
Experts have found out that an impactful video can drive an immense amount of growth online.

Hence video marketing is becoming a focus area in marketing on social media platforms.

Here’s how video marketing can boost your business growth on social media platforms:

  • Video content increases your exposure and engagement. When consumers are attracted to and like your videos, they will share them.
  • Social media users love seeding videos from brands or businesses they support and are willing to share video content they like.
  • Video content stays longer on social media platforms because they are shared and encourage interaction.
  • Videos are becoming a primary source of entertainment and education.
  • Video content can be shared across multiple social media platforms

Video Marketing Improves SEO and Boosts Conversions and Sales

Videos that are being viewed and that have a considerable degree of engagement can increase organic traffic and can definitely boost your website ranking on search engines.

Other ways videos are used to impact search engine optimization include

  1. Link building. Videos can serve as link juice magnets because they naturally engage people who link to them. This is crucial when influencers of high-authority brands and sites are those who link.
  2. Increased conversions. Videos can boost conversions by 80%. In line with this, conversions usually come from more views and more engagement which means better ranking.

Video Marketing Appeals to Mobile Users

According to research by LinkedIn, mobile video consumption is booming with 40% of YouTube traffic coming from mobile. In fact, mobile video viewing has more than doubled over a couple of years.

It has become 25% of all online viewing. Moreover, mobile video shares have increased 400% in the past two years.

Mobile devices are becoming more than just communication devices. They are the major tool used for anything and everything. Consider these facts:

  • 40% of YouTUbe traffic comes from mobile.
  • 27% of consumers watch videos through their mobile devices
  • Over 10 billion mobile-connected devices by 2018
  • Over ⅔ of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video.

Another research suggested that people who view videos on their phones are 1.4 times as likely to watch ads as those who view videos on desktop computers or televisions. Smartphone viewers are also1.8 times more likely to share ads.

Video Marketing is Great For Educating and Building Trust

Trust is a nugget of gold when it comes to customer experience. It should be heavily guarded because it is how brand loyalty is established. Videos are a creative and innovative way to build on trust and penetrate barriers of distrust.

With videos that contain valuable content, you create a meaningful and authentic conversation with your consumers. Videos are a great way to share your brand’s story to bring customers who are willing to purchase or to convert a viewer into a paying customer.

Why More Businesses are Doing Video Marketing

All the facts are proof of how video marketing can impact business growth. Using video as part of a marketing campaign directly influences customer behavior along the marketing funnel.

The best reasons why businesses choose to incorporate videos in their marketing strategy include an increase in almost all major marketing key performance indicators like traffic, ROI, new customers, engagement, ranking (SEO), and so much more.

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