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Are Google Ads Right For My Business?

We know how much effort you put into improving the website and marketing strategy for your business.

Not to mention the time, money, and attention you invest to make sure everything about it is under control.

All of these steps help you make a good place for customers anywhere to learn more about your business.

The next question is how will you build enough visibility for those customers to find you?

Marketing has changed through the years and one of the most popular ways to get a website noticed is through Google Ads.


Anything You Need to Know About Google Ad Campaigns

Many of the SMBs around choose to invest in pay per click advertising (PPC) to help boost their business.

The pay per click service that is used by many business owners is Google Ads.

This makes sense because Google is the most widely used browser and search engine around the world.

If you want to reach as many people as possible, you would need to gain visibility on a platform like Google.


Do Ads Help a Business and Increase Sales?control your advertising costs and get results - Big Easy SEO

With Google Ads, you would be able to put shopping or text ads on a certain search engine results page for your website.

You will pay for every keyword you get listed but you only “pay per click” that your ads get.

So if no one clicks on your link or ad, you wouldn’t have to pay. If you play your cards right, your ads would always show up at the top of the search engine results.

This will be an advantage for you and your business! Take note that you would need to set how much you are willing to pay per click because there is an auction that happens in real-time.

If you bid higher than other competitors for a keyword, your ad will be at the top of the search engine results.


How Much Should I Spend On Google Ads

The average cost that most businesses pay for Google Ads would be between nine thousand to ten thousand dollars a month.

When it comes to how much you should spend on Google Ads, the whole decision depends on you.

According to Google, you can decide on how much your advertising will be.

You can set a monthly budget cap so that you would not have to spend more than you have the capacity to finance.

There is no long-term contract involved with Google Ads and you can cancel or even pause your contract.

Ad budget can also depend on many things like products, services, competitors, and industry.

Different industries can dictate how much you would need to pay.

Here are some industry categories and how much it costs per average CPC for both search network and display network:

  • Consumer Services – $6.40; $0.81
  • Ecommerce – $1.16; $0.45
  • Education Services- $2.40; $0.47
  • Advocacy Services- $1.43; $0.62
  • B2B Services- $3.33; $0.79
  • Auto Services – $2.46; 0.58
  • Dating and Personal Services – $ 2.78; $1.49
  • Employment Services – $2.04; $0.78
  • Health and Medical Services- $2.62; $0.63
  • Finance and Insurance Services- $ 3.44; $ 0.86
  • Home Goods Services- $2.94; $0.60
  • Legal Services – $6.75; $0.72
  • Industrial Services: $2.56; $0.54
  • Real Estate Services – $2.37; $ 0.75
  • Travel and Hospitality Services – $1.53; $0.44
  • Technology Services – $ 3.80; $ 0.51


Is Google Ads Worth It For Small Business?

Medium to small businesses can benefit from Google Ads.

It’s all about making the most of the features and taking advantage of the current online market.

If you’re a brick and mortar business that needs a significant boost, Google Ads is your best go-to strategy.


Benefits Of Google Ads For Your Business Growth

No matter what business you might have, Google Ads can help you with sales growth and sales increase.

There are so many advantages of having this platform.


Attract Potential Customers

Who does not go to Google to search for something that they need?

When people are on the lookout for a necessity they have they will definitely look online.

They are most likely to inquire or make business with the links that turn up first on their search results.

Google Ads puts you exactly in the way of the customer when they need you the most.

Better be visible when that time comes right?


Target Local and Niche Marketsreach customers when it matters - big easy seo

Local businesses can rely on word of mouth or social media influence to build their rep but that’s not enough.

Stats report that about 72% of customers do a Google search first before going to a physical store that is within five miles from them.

Google Ads can help everyone in your area to know your name, business details like hours of operation, and phone number.

Doing this can help you get ahead of national competitors since people are eager to help local businesses.


Track Campaign Results

If you are worried about the results of your Google Ads campaign, you can track them.

You don’t even have to wait because they generate reports of your campaign pretty fast.

This will give you the chance to see all of the information like cost of clicks, the number of ads clicked, and the keywords your visitors entered.

Remember that if you have other methods you are using to have better search results like SEO, it might take longer for some results to show up so be patient!


Perfect For Any Business

You can expect that Google Ads will be a flexible and friendly marketing platform to use. It will work for any kind and scope of business.

You can also combine it with a wide variety of marketing platforms and strategies that you might have working on your website.


Attract New Customers and Boost Sales with Google Ads

Google Ads is an effective marketing platform that can definitely benefit you and your business.

If you would need help from experts like Big Easy SEO, we are here to help you get started with Google Ads today.


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