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Big Easy SEO is passionate to make your local business grow.

We focus and specialize in ranking your business with relevant traffic targeting.

We get your phone ringing and call inquiries flooding through with our Google Maps SEO services in New Orleans.

Our Google maps campaigns are focused on providing quality customer leads and sales.

If you are frustrated seeing your competitors at the top of the Google Maps results, Big Easy SEO will obtain the rankings for you!

Google Maps and Your Business

New Orleans Maps SEO services - Big Easy SEOGoogle Maps is a free online map from Google. It is accessible through a web browser or as an app for mobile devices.

In the digital marketing platform, most businesses are working locally.

This means they have a local consumer base with products and services designed for the local market.

It’s quite obvious that local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) uses Google Maps as one of the most powerful local SEO techniques.

Indeed, Google Maps is packed with tools and features that can get any business ahead of its competition.

It is one of the most important tools that Big Easy SEO is using in its digital marketing services.

We understand the importance of Google Maps for local SEO, using it to direct your visitors to search for your location and visit your store.

We use Google Maps to bolster your presence in local search results since millions of users use it to search for directions to local businesses.

Your business will be seen as the local authority in your industry and likewise the go-to place for local customers who are looking for your specific products and/or services.

Google Maps Ranking and Your Business

If your business relies on local customers, you should be able to get good rankings in the local search results. This will have a tremendous effect on the success of your digital marketing campaigns.

Our SEO experts include Google Maps SEO services to boost your visibility and increase the number of your leads and customers.

We use the Google Maps marketing platform to make you a local industry leader and a trusted business partner.

When you are ranked through Maps, your business will get more citations, reviews, and backlinks.

This will move your position to the top of the local search queries. You will experience faster growth, more clients, and better visibility.

Incorporating Google Maps SEO Services

Google Maps SEO services help improve your business prospects in the local market.

Big Easy SEO is your premier SEO company that offers Google Maps SEO services in New Orleans. Our services entail all the particular requirements of your brand and business.

With Google Maps SEO services, any local business can appear prominently in the results of searches for local services and products. So, don’t risk missing out on a huge amount of search traffic.

We have SEO experts who will make sure that your potential customers will get to you quickly.

Here’s what we do to optimize Google Maps for your business:

  • We take a look at the current state of your listings, checking even the most minor mistakes that could be hindering your business’ search performance.
  • When all information is completely accurate, we will populate the listing as fully as possible making sure that all of these elements are present:
    • Specific opening times
    • Special offers
    • Images
    • Links
  • We can also implement coding into your website which signals to Google where your business is located and the area you serve. This reinforces the performance of your Maps listing.

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Effective Google Maps SEO Marketing Strategies

Big Easy SEO’s Google Maps SEO Marketing strategies is a set of processes and methods using Google Maps to make your business easier to find.

Using Complete and USPS-Approved Address Information

Our SEO experts know it is important to include an address in your Google Maps strategy. It is the most important element that will lead your potential customers to your location.

When we enter an address, we make sure that it is the exact same address information used by the USPS (United States Postal Service) or an applicable postal service where your business operates.

Your ranking in Google Maps will be affected by formatting errors so we provide all the necessary information in your address so you will rank better. The rule of thumb is, the more data you give Google, the more likely you are to rank more highly in Maps results.

Completing and Optimizing the Google My Business Profile

To get the full benefits of Google Maps SEO services, we will fill out your Google My Business profile with all the needed info like website address, email, phone number, physical address, and others.

Then, we will get your listing on Google My Business verified.

We optimize Google My Business to improve your ranking in search through:

  • Providing more accurate information about your business and optimizing your introduction with a summary of your company, the products and services you offer, and the one thing that sets you apart from your competition.
  • Using relevant keywords as we craft an introduction that is well-written, compelling, and resonates more strongly with people searching for your business.
  • Including optimized photos or videos that are appealing, crisp, professional, and will make your business stand out. We geotag your images or videos before uploading them. Google will read this information and will consider it when showing local search results.
  • Use Google post to share content on your Google listing and will make your business more relevant locally.

Inbound Linking and Citations

Links are the lifeblood of Search Engine Optimization in New Orleans and in local marketing. We will include the link and citation to your website. This strategy will better determine your industry, location, and overall relevance.

It will help your business rank better in local search queries.

On-page Optimization

Big Easy SEO is your premier SEO company in New Orleans. We will make sure that your website is optimized for local SEO.

Google Maps Ads

Get instant traffic as we create a Google Maps ad for your business. It will appear before the organic results and differentiate you from your competitors.

Soliciting and Including Good Reviews

We make sure that your business will not struggle to be ranked against your competitors in the industry by asking for good reviews from your satisfied customers.

Be the First Business to Be Seen With Google Maps SEO Services

Rank higher and be the first that your potential customers see on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages.

Know what you’re doing and have Big Easy SEO by your side to take care of your PPC marketing needs. We also offer eCommerce SEO services in New Orleans.

Call us today and we’ll help you dominate your competitive niche.

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