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At Big Easy SEO our on-page optimization services in New Orleans translate to a strong return on investment. We are a leading marketing agency founded on on-page SEO expertise more than a decade ago.

We know how critical on-page SEO is because we witnessed the commercial value of modernizing websites in line with the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, taking into consideration the latest algorithm changes.

Our team of on-page search engine optimization experts will optimize the structure and content of your website to improve your positions in search engines.

The tailored strategies we use for each business we work with will drive more meaningful traffic to your site and increase your conversions.

What is On-Page SEO?

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On-page SEO is the process of ensuring that your website is easy for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to understand.

When the search engines understand your credibility, your rankings will improve for popular keywords in your industry.

The process involves optimizing your web pages to earn organic traffic and improve your website’s rankings in the SERPs.

The variables considered in on-page SEO include:

  • How much content do you have on your site
  • How well your site is optimized
  • The technical setup of your website
  • Your site’s internal linking structure

The elements of your website that are involved in on-page optimization are:

  • Your page’s HTML
  • Internal links
  • Metadata (meta title, meta description, and keyword density)
  • High-quality, relevant content
  • High-quality, relevant images

We help search engines analyze your website and the content connected to it with the best quality on-page optimization strategies and tactics in New Orleans.

We make sure that your website will be fully developed to keep up with the development of Google’s algorithm developments.

How to Improve On-Page SEO

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Big Easy SEO is experienced in making your site as search-friendly as possible to increase your page rankings in the search engine results pages. We focus on your visitors and consider their specific needs.

You are assured that the primary motivation for our on-page optimization services in New Orleans is user intent and user needs.

At Big Easy SEO, our team of on-page SEO experts will recommend these on-page services depending on your needs and the needs of your users:

  • Blog writing and optimization
  • Enabling blog commenting
  • Landing page writing and optimization
  • Copy refreshes to support SEO titles and more engaging content
  • Re-optimizing content to align with new keyword density guidelines
  • Creating and updating product descriptions and metadata
  • Technical on-page site audits and error remediation, including fixing broken links
  • Site health checks
  • Optimization for faster page load time on traditional and mobile browsers
  • Website SSL setup
  • Metadata optimization
  • Link structure analysis and adjustment
  • Conversion rate and mobile optimization
  • Analytics tracking

These among other on-page optimization services that we offer at Big Easy SEO are techniques that involve hands-on technical and strategic support at all stages of the process.

We plan, execute, report, and make sure that you are involved in every step in the process.

Moreover, our on-page search engine optimization in New Orleans is existentially flexible and completely customizable to your brand’s current and future needs.

We adjust our strategies to the changes in your industry and embrace and introduce new concepts, experiments, and products so that you will stay in the lead of your competition.

How To Do On-Page SEO in WordPress

WordPress is SEO-friendly out of the box. It has powerful features on their homepage that makes them SEO-friendly.

Improving your WordPress onpage SEO service in New Orleans is crucial if you want to drive more traffic to your website.

At Big Easy SEO, we pay close attention to these WordPress SEO best practices:

  1. Checking your site’s visibility setting and making sure that your website will appear in search results.
  2. Using SEO-friendly URL structures that contain words that clearly explain the content of the page.
  3. Adding your preferred URL in the ‘WordPress Address’ and ‘Site Address’ fields
  4. Choosing the best WordPress SEO plugin
  5. Adding XML Sitemap that is specially formatted to list every single page on your website to make it easy for search engines to find all of your content
  6. Adding your site to Google Search Console, also known as Webmaster Tools
  7. Optimizing your blog post for SEO (focus keyword, title, and description)
  8. Doing keyword research for your website so that you can get more search traffic
  9. Properly using categories and tags in WordPress
  10. Making internal linking a habit
  11. Optimizing WordPress comments
  12. Optimizing your site’s speed and performance
  13. Optimizing images in WordPress for SEO
  14. Securing your WordPress site

Before we tailor your on-page optimization in New Orleans in WordPress, we perform a thorough on-page audit to make sure that we will know all the details of your site and to determine what optimization techniques we will apply.

How To Do On-Page SEO in HTML Website

On page SEO in HTML-BIgeasy SEO

We understand how refined rankings are becoming. Modifying your HTML page in the code is a chance to optimize in every way for on-page factors.

Hence, our on-page optimization includes making sure that your website is improved for both usability and SEO. We make use of HTML tags to improve these aspects.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Naming your head tag descriptively and using relevant keywords
  • Adding relevant meta descriptions
  • Writing unique, keyword-rich content
  • Linking to internal and external pages that are trustworthy, authoritative, and reliable
  • Adding alt tags to all your images and videos
  • Regular and consistent testing to make sure your pages load quickly
  • Not adding menus in JavaScript or Flash

At Big Easy SEO, we always tweak your content, head, title, tags, descriptions, and other elements at specific times to help you rank better. We take every opportunity to make changes on the fly.

Custom On-Page SEO Services in New Orleans

Our SEO campaigns improve your online presence. Our services can be a key competitive differentiator in your industry.

We customize every on-page SEO service for every client to make it easier for your audience to find your content and for search engines to index your pages.

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