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Mobile Marketing Services

Mobile marketing services target consumers through their smartphones and other mobile devices. These services, used by a variety of businesses, utilize tools such as mobile-formatted internet advertisements, text messages, push notifications, and QR codes.

Some of it may be similar to advertising that is delivered to the other electronic channels, including voice messages and texting. At present, SMS messaging is the most common delivery approach for mobile marketing.

Search engine marketing comes in second as a marketing channel, and then there are display based promotions. The expanding ability of mobile devices allows for new modes of interactive marketing, and the new mobile marketing channels would include the following.

  • 2D barcodes: these are barcodes that can scan horizontally and vertically to add more information. The user would scan the barcodes in their environment so they can have access to the linked information.
  • Augmented reality: These are mobile campaigns that overlay the display of the phone user with particular information concerning the product or service which is being advertised.
  • Location-based servicing: It entails the detection of the area the user is at by connecting from the geo-location and then sending the marketing messages for the businesses which are in that place.
  • GPS messaging: It entails location-specific messages which the user picks up upon coming into range.

Why is mobile marketing important?

mobile marketing techniques- Big Easy SEOFrom the business perspective, it is essential to realize the manner in which the clients are consuming digital content has changed from the PC based on mobile orientation.

For example, mobile device use surpassed desktop usage in 2015, with 51 percent of internet time being spent on mobile and smartphone devices.

For marketers, online advertising approaches which complement the mobile marketing strategy optimization are actively sought after skills for different businesses around the world. It does not matter the size of the institution it is crucial to level up the mobile marketing scheme by being a digital marketer with high valued mobile marketing skills.

At Big Easy SEO, we have the personnel on hand to accomplish this with relative ease. Our staff has years of experience in the market and the relevant skills in mobile marketing to take your promotional campaign to the next level.

We appreciate how competitive the market can be at times and ensure your market penetration at some level to give you a fighting chance to engage with customers and retain the ones which you already have.

Improving Your Brand Awareness

The creation of brand awareness entails the construction of rapport and trust with the customers. It can be done through the means of mobile marketing.

Through sharing of targeted information and facts concerning the company with the customers, then the brand gets stamped into the consciousness of the public, leaving a mark on the clientele.

The bond created by you with the customers is a factor discriminating the brand from the competition to some extent.

It means that when a customer is aware of the brand, then you will be able to sell any products the brand has to offer to them because they already associate your product with quality and satisfaction.

Even in the event, the product is not familiar, the logo of the brand may assist them in recognizing the company, so they will end up purchasing products that have the same logo.

Creating Customer Engagement

Mobile Marketing strategyAny form of exciting content may lead to customer engagement, particularly the video and animated content. People have a tendency to utilize their phones for half the day, networking, or talking with other users. The sharing of posts, tweets, and videos are a few of the everyday activities for a lot of people.

Customers are inclined to share anything that engages them. It means that one can create something interesting that the audience would want to hear and use mobile marketing tools for its promotion.

Should the content be engaging, at least one individual would have the likelihood of sharing it using networking means. It is then bound to be shared by other people repeatedly and even go viral.
The use of mobile marketing may allow for customer engagement to help one reap large rewards with little effort and investment.

Personal brand creation is vital to the enterprise. If one is an entrepreneur or the owner of a startup, people search for the online persona. They may even prefer to contact the platform representatives directly.

Research currently shows that an estimated 91 percent of the mobile users keep their phones within a meter distance of their reach most of the time.

When you connect with customers on their phones directly, there is a one on one connection made, and it functions to make the brand stronger.

The brand features alongside friends and family of the user when calling them from the mobile platform. It also assists in the finding of prospective investors among the clients, so it is possible to grow the company faster.

Mobile marketing should be part of any long term or even short term promotional campaign, and it is increasing in strength with each day that passes. The strategies related to mobile marketing are not those which you might say are standalone approaches.

From social media marketing to content to mail, the mobile marketing channel is present in every part of the method to reach the customer base according to their comfortability.

Tips for Businesses

You should capitalize on social media. Traffic percentages that come from mobile devices to these sites are astounding. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter carry 68 and 86 percent, respectively, while Instagram and Snapchat have traffic statistics of 98 and 100 percent.

These are diverse ways of reaching foreign markets. Utilize native mobile advertising.

These are the types of ads that come up within the regular content customers consume, so they are not likely to look like advertisements.

That makes them more effective because they trigger the subconscious of the customer and reel them in without their knowledge.
They are more likely to click on them and interact with the advertisements.

These ads also have better engagement and are less intrusive compared to other formats. For more information, contact us today!

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