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What are the Essential Factors to Consider for Web Design?

Your website is the number one employee of your organization, showing up day in and day out, rain or shine, never taking a sick day, and performing at peak levels without fail.

A website is also often the first impression potential customers have of a brand or company, making your site an important representation of what your brand stands for, has to offer, and more.

Given its importance, there is a lot to consider when it comes to New Orleans website design.

If you’re looking to stand out from the competition in New Orleans LA, taking the time to strategize and plan the design of your website is critical to the way you promote your brand or product. Your website is your digital storefront, open 24/7/365, and in many ways can either make or break your business.

With over 80% of all buying decisions (even those that take place “in store’) starting with a search engine query, your brand can’t afford to fall short online, which is why high-quality web design services are often an important consideration for many brands.

New Orleans Website Design Services – critical elements to consider

Designing a website isn’t just about making it look good. The best web design services will incorporate those elements that will not only visually impress but help effectively:

  • Communicate your brand’s core message or offer
  • Provide an intuitive and easy to navigate user experience
  • Establish and build trust and credibility
  • Deliver performance and speed under load
  • Rank well on search engines
  • Drive actions and convert visitors to leads, calls, appointments, walk-ins or sales

Before you get started with web design services, take a few minutes to read our tips and advice.

Choosing the right hosting

When you’re looking at hosting options for your site, consider the purpose of your business, priorities of your site, and geographic location of your audience.

Will you need on-call tech support? Will your site host a lot of video and images? Does it need to be scalable? Are there additional features, such as security features that will be important? Will your audience be primarily based in a specific region or country?

All of the above and more are important hosting considerations. Be sure to do your research, get customer feedback, and consider consulting with professional web designers in New Orleans to get the lowdown from those who have real-world experience with many of the hosts you’re considering.

Choose a great domain name

Your domain name can say a lot (or very little) about your brand. Finding the right brand name is a key component of your business and building a strong identity can help you build trust, rank better, and establish a memorable brand. It is worth taking some time to find the right one. Your domain name should be memorable and easy to spell, while also making sure not to infringe on any other existing businesses, trademarks or copyrights. Remember, just because the “.net” version is available doesn’t mean you can legally use it for your business. Check the other TLDs like the “.com” version to make sure another brand doesn’t own the rights to the trademark.

Backend Services

The backend service of your website is like the foundation of your house. Without a solid backend, your website may look good, but it won’t function as well as it should. A customizable CMS such as WordPress or Magento are user-friendly options that provide a solid foundation for an expansion of functionality and scale as you grow.

Keep it Clean and Usable

The most impactful designs are clean and simple. Clear, simple design will help you to make your site more user-friendly and offer a better user experience. A positive experience is more likely to result in positive associations with your brand, meaning you’re more likely to make a sale.

Color Scheme

It is a good idea to consider your color scheme before you start building your site. Consider which colors best represent your brand. Is your brand’s voice bold and exciting, or calm and relaxed? Pick colors that reflect and emphasize these aspects of your brand. A coherent color scheme will help users to understand and identify your brand.


If your website is difficult to navigate, your customers probably won’t be sticking around for long. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who is visiting your site. Is it clear where they can find the details, products or services that they need? How many clicks must they take to find the information they’re looking for? By making the ‘user journey’ as simple as possible your website visitors are more likely to make a purchase or inquiry.

Think About Functionality

It may sound obvious, but making sure your website functions as it should is a key consideration. Be sure to test your site for broken links or pages that won’t load. One simple mistake can cause profound damage to the user journey, causing customers to abandon their visit or purchase.

Consider Loading Times

There can be few things more frustrating than waiting for a web page to load. Test your site for long loading times and get these fixed before you launch. Long loading times can damage customer retention and even give people a negative impression of your brand. In fact, numerous studies have shown that web load times of 3 seconds or higher can result in a loss of up to 40% of your web traffic from page abandonment.

Consider the Call to Action

A clear call to action on your website tells the user what they should do in order to continue their user journey, make an inquiry or make a purchase. A call to action could be ‘find out more, or ‘subscribe to our newsletter’. Without a clear call to action on each page, your users can be left in the dark over the ways in which they can engage with your site.

SEO-Friendly Code

Taking some time to fine-tune your website’s SEO code can really improve your site’s value. SEO-friendly code gives search engines a clear picture of your site’s content. Some sites, such as WordPress offer plugins which can help to simplify your site’s code and improve rankings.

Test Browser Compatibility

Make sure to test your website loads correctly on a number of browsers. Failing to do so could rule out a large proportion of your potential customers and substantially damage your reach.

Use Original Content

Before you build your site, consider any visual assets you might want to use, such as photos, blog content, illustrations or images. Double check that any content you are using is original and make sure all of the images you use are copyright free. Using a copyrighted image can cost you tens of thousands of pounds.

Closing Thoughts

These are just a few factors to consider but don’t feel overwhelmed. Designing a website can be simple (and fun!) when you work with a professional. If you’re looking for a reliable web design service, we’d be happy to advise you at Big Easy SEO

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