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New Orleans Local Search Optimization

While the Internet provides a lot of business opportunities for entrepreneurs, fact is that it is still too difficult to compete in a global market which the Internet provides. For entrepreneurs looking to obtain localized traffic, local search optimization techniques are essential. These techniques are designed to drive local traffic to your website by using GEO-based techniques in content submission, PPC and especially in the selection and use of keywords.

Use Location-Specific Keywords
When looking for keywords that will serve as the central points of your entire campaign, filter the results based on location. This will help narrow down the list of keywords to use and therefore, increase your chances of climbing up the page rank. The more specific and targeted your keywords are, the better the chances of local clients finding your site.

Free keyword tools can help in your local search optimization for businesses, but they can only present raw data. You need enough knowledge and experience in local SEO to know which ones would work and which ones don’t. Thus, hiring an SEO firm may be a great advantage for this task. Experienced SEO firms will not only interpret the data for you, they will also be the ones to integrate carefully chosen keywords with your over-all campaign to get to the top.

Submit in Local Sites and Directories
If a customer wants to get in touch with a local business for products or services, the first thing he or she would do is to check the local directory. So as a business owner, you need to be listed in the directories that your potential customer would most likely check. These are the sites that have high page ranks or “unique votes” due to relevancy in terms of results and strength of back links.

Some local submission sites will require you to do a two-way back link, which means that they will post your link if you post theirs on your site. Do this only if you are certain that the reciprocal link will not harm your business in any way. Consult with a local search optimization expert if you are unsure of the quality of a site’s link and how a two-way link would affect your page rank.

Also, do not forget to include information for direct communication such as your phone number and company’s physical address. If your potential customers can reach you in a number of ways, the better your chances of getting more lead conversions that could result in a faster return on investment.

Geo-based PPC
This local search optimization for businesses technique may be costly but if you target a specific location, there is less competition so your investment will be maximized. For PPC ads that would really encourage users to click on, you would need to use powerful words – that’s how advertising works. Further, your ads must contain keywords that respond to what the searcher needs; and that’s based on the words entered were entered in the search box.

So it goes without saying that prior to the creation and distribution of PPC ads as well as submission in different sites, you must have a deep understanding of Geo-focused keywords. Add to that, you need to know how to use these “golden geese” keywords in an ad that has a limited number of characters. It is only when you have come up with the best format will strategies for local search optimization for businesses work.

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