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How Effective CRO Helps Your Pages Convert

When you have an effective conversion rate optimization you improve the probability of your page’s visitors to take the desired actions that you want them to do.

In today’s fast-paced world, you can not rely on the traffic in the online world. If you can’t get visitors to enter your conversion funnel at the first time, you have fewer chances of them coming back to your page and less probability of them doing the desired actions you need.

This is a classic example of an opportunity lost for your business.

To have the best chances to improve and increase conversions is by having effective CRO ( Conversion Rate Optimization ) campaigns and strategies.

Check out this post we made on how to optimize a website for CRO.

  1. What is CRO and Why is it Important

    6 Reasons Why CRO is Important

    CRO is the strategy when you want to see an increase in site visitors who will do the desired action such as donation, email sign up, form submission, purchase, or to click a button. The end goal of CRO is to increase your website sales.

    1. Advertisements will get more expensive

      Spending more money may not necessarily be the answer to your problems as there may be mistakes in the conversion tube that needs your further attention.
      The CRO will work best if you will correctly identify and deal with any mistakes or problems first.

    2. Aim for improvement

      Even though your website has the best design there is and you already have plenty of visitors in your site, you can always have better results if you make the conversion process easier for them to do.

    3. Try it, it’s free!

      The CRO will try to work on the visitor traffic that you already have. That is why you should not be spending money to get more visitors, you are just improving the CRO experience for them when they arrive.

      As you do so, you will notice an increase in your current investments and number of visitors. In this way, it is more cost-effective rather than spending money to attract new visitors.

  2. The importance of page optimization for conversion rates

    If you are already using paid advertisements such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or any other PPC (Pay-per-click) platform to increase visitor traffic to your site then you have an idea of how expensive these ads are.

    Having CRO will help you convert a higher percentage of the traffic you already have and increase your ROAS ( Return on ad spend ).

    In whatever way you choose to guide the traffic to your site, there is always going to be costs that will incur, and these costs can increase almost yearly.

    Related: How Does Site Page Speed Affect Conversion Rate?

    Many businesses with websites know how crucial their first 3 years are as they will do whatever it takes in order to increase traffic. Even if you have the optimum 100% conversion rate, it will not do you much good if you only have around 10 visitors monthly.

    However, if you have already established a few traffic channels that are receiving a decent amount of visitors per month then, the CRO will be the most cost-effective way you can do to increase the website’s sales.

  3. How to optimize your landing pages

    1. Simplify your landing page
    2. Use contrasting colors
    3. Create an urgency
    4. Keep your call to action button straightforward and concise
    5. Provide contact information
    6. Have a consistent message
    7. Provide testimonials to help persuade users
    8. Optimize your landing page for SEO.
    9. Keep all things A/B testing
    10. Eye-catching headlines
  4. Examples of successful landing pages that use the A/B testing method

    What is the A/B Testing Method?

    Ab testing - Big Easy SEO The A/B test is a comparison between two versions of the same marketing asset, for example, a web page or an email that you present to equal halves to your site’s audience. You base on conversion rates or other standard metrics which half performs better.

    However, you should not do just one A/B test but several as it will give you more data to work with. As you do more A/B testing you will actually learn more about your audience and find new ways to convert prospects into leads into customers.

    Here are 10 examples of successful landing pages that use the A/B testing method:

    1. HubSpot’s Mobile Call to Action
    2. Groove’s Landing Page Design
    3. HubSpot’s Site Search
    4. Csek’s Creative Homepage Design
    5. HubSpot’s Email vs. In-App Notification Center
    6. Humana’s Site Banners
    7. Unbounce’s Tweet vs. Email CTA
    8. WallMonkeys’ New Design
    9. Electronic Arts’ Sales Page
    10. Humana’s Click-Through Rate
  5. Why you need to be careful with how many variations you test on a single page at once

    You should be careful with how many variations you test because when you do tests that are longer than necessary, specifically if you are serving one variation of your page to a large number of users, this can seem as an attempt to fool search engines.

    According to Google, they recommend you update your website and remove all test variations as soon as possible, preferable as soon as a test finishes. You should also avoid running tests that are taking too long.

  6. Tips for designing a high-converting landing page

    1. Create a headline that captivates attention

      • The headline should immediately grab attention.
      • The headline should contain what the product or service is all about.
      • The headline should be straight to the point.
      • The headline should contain more than 10 words but less than 20 words.
    2. Create persuasive sub-head

      • The subheadings should be positioned directly underneath the headline.
      • Word your sub-heads in the most persuasive way possible.
      • Sub-heads should contain more detail and depth than the headline.
    3. The right images

      • Pictures should be bold and large.
      • The pictures should be relevant to your product or service.
      • The pictures should be eye-catching.
      • Pictures should be in the best resolution and quality.
    4. Create a problem and solution

      • Write about what they can lose, not just about what they can gain.
      • Have relevant testimonials that are relevant to the problem.
      • Make sure you have the solutions to their problem by using your product or service.

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