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Ways to Tell if Website is Credible

How to Tell If a Website is Credible

The internet has always been full of half-truths, fly-by-night shills and web designers that promise the world only to under-deliver (or not deliver at all) what you had expected. Your Guide to Finding the Right Web Design Agency This couldn’t be truer in 2018 and beyond. And as such it's more important than ever to “vet” any websites you do business with for credibility and


SEO Success Tip: Why You Should Regularly Check Your Link Profile

Link building is an essential part of ensuring the success of your website. However, if not monitored bad links can result in your site getting hit with a Google penalty. While you may think that everything will be okay because you are the only person that is building backlinks for your website, you have to consider the fact that others, such as your competitors, angry ex-employees, and

Google Updates Restaurant Search Rankings to Include Best and Cheapest

Google Updates Restaurant Search Rankings to Include “Best” and “Cheapest”

Google may be considering making searches for local places with modifiers like "cheapest" and "best" a permanent feature of its search engine results, according to a report from searchenginejournal.com. The finding was initially discovered by Mike Blumenthal of blumenthals.com. He observed that there were new rankings for restaurants while conducting searches for local

Build an Audience for Your Blog

Why Is It So Difficult to Build an Audience for Your Blog?

If you have been trying to build an audience for your blog, you may have found that it has been more difficult than you originally imagined. For the majority of businesses, building a blog is no easy task so don't feel discouraged. Here are some reasons why it is so difficult to build an audience for your blog and what you can do about it. There Is Only So Much Content That People Can

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