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3 Ways to Use Remarketing for Better Results

If you use remarketing, it's all too easy to consider your remarketing audience as an afterthought. After all, those visitors weren't interested in your offer the first time, right? If your goal is to use remarketing effectively, you need to apply some techniques to target those visitors who might actually convert. Here are 3 ways to use remarketing for better results. How to Get Users to


What Are the Top SEO Mistakes Made By Ecommerce Businesses?

According to VWO, SEO is the fifth most effective digital marketing tool for retention for e-commerce businesses. The other tools that outranked SEO were email marketing (56%), social media (37%), content marketing (32%), and referral marketing (26%). With SEO ranking as one of the top most important purchase channels for e-commerce businesses, you might think that more businesses would place

Search Social & Blockchain Technology

Search, Social, and Blockchain Technology: Decentralizing the Economy of Discovery and Attention?

Anybody with an interest in the future of technology has no doubt heard of blockchain technology by now--or at least of bitcoins, the technology that has gained the most attention from its use. Recently an article by author William Mougayar appeared with the title “The Blockchain is the New Google”, causing many newcomers to ask “what’s a blockchain?” and more in-the-know Internet

Mobile Marketing – Buying Decisions Happen on Mobile for 60% of Consumers

Mobile marketing has boomed and almost 60% of most target markets make the most of their mobile gadgets when trying to purchase online, particularly when looking for places to eat, automobiles, telecom solutions, and entertainment. This is according to the most recent study made by Telmetrics and xAd in the 3rd annual report from Mobile Path-to-Purchase. This is expected due to the growing

Internet Marketing Tracking

Tracking Your Internet Marketing

Tracking your local internet marketing campaign is essential if you want to be able to determine what is working and what is not. If you are currently running an internet marketing campaign or are considering doing so, here are a few things that you should make sure to track. Site Monitoring Monitoring the traffic that visits your site can give you a better idea of how visitors

Ecommerce Site Design

Top Tips For Designing A Great ECommerce Site

A lot of people are doing more and more things online. One of these things is shopping. It is just so much more convenient to be doing it from the comfort of your living room sofa than having to drive out to the store for a few items. It's one of the many reasons businesses and their processes are shifting online as well. It also makes sense to start an online store rather than a brick and

White Label

Things To Keep In Mind When Starting Your Own Small Business Website

With more and more customers going online to find what they need, it is becoming increasingly more important for business to compete for their attention by having an online presence. However, small businesses tend to skip on the idea of launching a website - much less a mobile-friendly one - simply because they don't see the value in it. If that's not the case, then it's usually because they


U.S. Online Shoppers Projected to Spend $370 Billion by 2017

It's no surprise that e-commerce is becoming increasingly popular, but the results from a study by Forrester may surprise you with just how quickly it's growing. Traditional retailers have started to take notice of the e-commerce trend, upping the ante by investing more money into their online retail divisions. Online sales have reached an all-time high and are expected to grow even more over

Ecommerce cart

3 Ways to Boost Credibility in Your Online Store

Whether you have a business that is local or a more global company, it can often be a good idea to have an online shop selling your products. Many people nowadays actually prefer shopping online, even if they have a local store or branch nearby. In fact, a recent study conducted by Fortune found that out of 500 online shoppers, 73% of them do at least half of their shopping online. You need to

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