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What Kinds of Keywords Should You Target?

Keywords are necessary for every SEO campaign and will play a big role in everything from on-page SEO to link building. Knowing which keywords you should target and how to target them will determine whether your SEO strategy will produce superior results or fail miserably. To help you improve your SEO results. put together a guide to help you figure out what kinds of


3 Ways to Use Remarketing for Better Results

If you use remarketing, it's all too easy to consider your remarketing audience as an afterthought. After all, those visitors weren't interested in your offer the first time, right? If your goal is to use remarketing effectively, you need to apply some techniques to target those visitors who might actually convert. Here are 3 ways to use remarketing for better results. How to Get Users to


5 Ways to Reconnect With Your Email Subscriber List

Building an email list is no easy task for ecommerce businesses. With all of the messages that subscribers regularly receive from businesses, your content really needs to stand out from the competition. If you want better results from your email marketing efforts, it’s time to try something different. Here are 5 ways to reconnect with your email subscriber list. Send More


Why Prepaid Sales Leads Don’t Always Work

Have you purchased customer leads assuming that the sales are just a phone call away? Unfortunately, many marketers start out with prepaid sales leads only to find out that they don't always bring in a good ROI. Here’s why prepaid sales leads don’t always work. Not Understanding Where Customers Are The main problem with purchasing prepaid sales leads is that by the time your

How-to-Properly-Define-an-Email -Conversion

How to Properly Define an Email Conversion

The biggest mistake that you can make when it comes to email marketing is labeling any type of click-through or email open as a conversion. However, if you actually want to figure out which email conversions lead to sales, you need to be more selective in your definition of email conversion. To help you get better results from your email marketing efforts, we’ve put together a quick


3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do PPC Advertising on Your Own

If you have recently set up a Google AdWords account, you may be excited to start spending your complimentary account bonus right away. However, this is a mistake that could cost you a lot more in the long run if you don’t have a PPC advertising expert available to ensure that your campaign is properly set up in order to maximize your ROI. Let’s face it. Google AdWords is expensive to use.


How to Improve Your PPC Results With a Remarketing Trick

Many PPC advertisers feel frustrated after using PPC advertising. This is because using AdWords has become a very expensive endeavor for many businesses, requiring budgets in the thousands or hundreds of thousands each month. These figures sometimes don’t even include the costs of creatives and landing pages that are needed to convert the leads. According to data from WordStream, the average

Factors-That-Could-Cause-Fluctuations-in-Your-Search-Rankings (1) (1)

8 Factors That Could Cause Fluctuations in Your Search Rankings

Whether you have been engaged in an SEO strategy with an outsourced provider, or you manage your own SEO efforts, you are already aware that organic traffic isn't always guaranteed. However, you may be wondering exactly why you are having trouble with maintaining a steady stream of traffic. In some cases, the cause could be out of your control. In other cases, there are some things that you


5 Tips to Create a Better Marketing Plan

One of the primary benefits of outsourcing your online marketing strategy is so that the firm can help you to draft your marketing plan. A marketing plan serves as the basis for all of the online marketing activities that your company will engage in. Here are 5 tips to help you create a better marketing plan. What Is an Online Marketing Plan? An online marketing plan is essentially a written


Study Finds That Mobile Search Is Top Source for Phone Leads

A new study has found that mobile search is the greatest source for phone leads as customers are calling businesses in greater numbers than ever before thanks to mobile marketing. A study done by Invoca, a call tracking and analytics company, looked at 58 million calls across businesses in 40 industries. The findings were published to their 2016 Call Intelligence Index. Report Highlights: 1.


How Beacons Will Change SEO

Beacons are devices that can communicate with a shopper's smartphones with the goal of improving the shopper's in-store shopping experience. When they are placed in a store, they use Bluetooth technology to detect smartphones that are nearby and send the smartphones media such as ads, coupons or other important product information. As a result, beacons could mean big changes for the SEO


Top Local SEO Ranking Factors

A new study done by Local SEO Guide, in cooperation with the UCI Center for Statistical Consulting, has found new details about the factors that help certain Google My Business pages rank highly in the search engines. This study revealed some important details about local SEO that businesses should take into account when planning their local SEO strategies. If you are trying to rank your


How to Get Facebook Users to Share Your Content

Facebook recently announced its latest news feed algorithm update. Previously the company opted to reduce the organic visibility of brands and content publishers. However, in this latest update, Facebook announced that the newsfeed will place a greater emphasis on updates from friends and family. In fact, the biggest piece of advice that was shared was that Facebook Page admins and editors


What Are the Top SEO Mistakes Made By Ecommerce Businesses?

According to VWO, SEO is the fifth most effective digital marketing tool for retention for e-commerce businesses. The other tools that outranked SEO were email marketing (56%), social media (37%), content marketing (32%), and referral marketing (26%). With SEO ranking as one of the top most important purchase channels for e-commerce businesses, you might think that more businesses would place


5 Tips for Targeting the Right Audiences With Facebook Ads

Recently Facebook announced yet another news feed algorithm update that is designed to further reduce the organic reach of brands and content publishers. This latest update is designed to increase the visibility of updates from friends and family. However, you still need to use Facebook to attract new leads and customers. In addition, you also want to do it without having to only advertise your

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