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Month: March 2016

Five Obsolete Content Marketing Practices to Stop in 2016

5 Obsolete Content Marketing Practices to Stop in 2016

In the past few years, content marketing has gotten a lot of attention as an effective online strategy. However, there are still many businesses that have adopted content marketing without really understanding what successful content marketing practices actually looks like. If you want to get better results from your content strategy, it is time to stop using obsolete content marketing

5 Tips for Monitoring Your Brands Online Reputation

5 Tips for Monitoring Your Brand’s Online Reputation

Do you know what people are saying about your brand online? Finding out how people feel about your business and addressing negative press can be a challenge. However, there are many strategies and tools that can help you to stay ahead of the game. Here are some tips to help you monitor your brand’s online reputation. Set Up Google Alerts Use Google Alerts to receive

Duplicate Content on LinkedIn

Should You Worry About Duplicate Content on LinkedIn?

When it comes to duplicate content, there has been much debate about the true impact of duplicate content on websites. It is already know that duplicate content negatively impacts your SEO results if you have duplicate content on your website. However, what about other platforms? As more people publish content to third-party content publishing sites, including LinkedIn, it is important to

Stop Content Overload

How to Stop Content Overload

Times have changed and many businesses are now understanding the value of content marketing for business. However, a new problem has arisen: content overload. Here are some reasons why content overload occurs and what you can do to stop it. Content overload simply refers to the fact that there are billions of pieces of content being shared on the web every. With only 24 hours in a day, there

Optimize Your Images for SEO

Should You Optimize Your Images for SEO?

If you are considering optimization of the images on your website, here are a few reasons why image optimization is important. Image Optimization for Mobile-Friendly Content Having a website that is mobile-friendly is extremely important because the majority of searches are made from a mobile device rather than a desktop computer. As a result, you need to have images on your site that load

Eight Most Important SEO Tasks You Should Prioritize

8 Most Important SEO Tasks You Should Prioritize

Getting top rankings for your website in the search engines means that you must continuously focus on improving your SEO strategy. The search engine algorithms are continuously changing and something that is working today may not work as well in the future. As a result, you need to make sure that you always place SEO as one of your top priorities when it comes to online marketing. Here are the

Content Marketing Metrics You Should Track

Content Marketing Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Content marketing is used by many businesses online. However, many small businesses are still failing to track their results. The reason most are failing to implement results tracking is that they are unsure of what to measure and how to do it. While the specific content metrics for your business, you should be tracking can vary from campaign to campaign, there are some metrics that apply to the

Paid Search Advertising Benefits of Bidding for the Top Position

Paid Search Advertising: The Benefits of Bidding for the Top Position

When it comes to paid search, one of the top pieces of advice that have always been recommended by PPC advertising professionals from Big Easy SEO in New Orleans is that you should always bid to win the top spot. Having the top spot can make it feel like you have "won" out against other advertisers. In addition, it can also feel good to see your brand ahead of the competition on the search page.

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