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Month: February 2016

Five Tips to Optimize Your PPC Campaign for Mobile

5 Tips to Optimize Your PPC Campaign for Mobile

These days most of the consumption of online content is done from a mobile device. Unfortunately, many PPC advertisers have yet to take advantage of this change by shifting their focus to optimizing their PPC campaign for mobile devices. By failing to optimize for mobile, these advertisers are increasing their costs and are creating terrible experiences for their mobile users. Here are five tips

Google Updates Search Guidelines New Content Standards

Google Updates Search Guidelines With New Content Standards

In November 2015, Google released the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines. These guidelines were designed to make the jobs of Google's site evaluators easier. However, one important takeaway is that businesses should be aware of is that the guidelines call for expert writers and authors when it comes to content. Although the guidelines do not actually tell marketers exactly what Google is

Build an Audience for Your Blog

Why Is It So Difficult to Build an Audience for Your Blog?

If you have been trying to build an audience for your blog, you may have found that it has been more difficult than you originally imagined. For the majority of businesses, building a blog is no easy task so don't feel discouraged. Here are some reasons why it is so difficult to build an audience for your blog and what you can do about it. There Is Only So Much Content That People Can

Google Panda Now Integrated into Core Search Algorithm

Google Panda Now Integrated into Core Search Algorithm

This past week, Google announced that the Panda search algorithm update is now considered to be part of Google's core ranking algorithm. This is the result of news that was reported by Jennifer Slegg of TheSEMPost. The Panda update first appeared in 2015, where it was first utilized to measure the quality of a site. In addition, Panda also allows Google to ranks sites by the quality and change

Authoritative Links Matter for SEO

Why Authoritative Links Matter for SEO

You may have heard that building authoritative links is helpful for SEO. However, do you know exactly why? Understanding the reasons why there is so much focus on link building is important to ensure that you do it right the first time. Here are the reasons why authoritative links matter for SEO. What Makes for Spammy Links? The debate over spammy links often changes as Google updates its

Local Marketing Trends 2016

Local Marketing Trends for 2016

As mobile device usage increases, local marketing is becoming more important to companies that do business with local customers. As 2016 begins, there are some clear trends that are emerging in this space that brands should be ready to adopt. Here are some of the top local marketing trends for 2016 from Big Easy SEO Google Will Put More Emphasis on Local Search Recently, Google updated its

Use Content Marketing to Sell Boring Products and Services

How to Use Content Marketing to Sell ‘Boring’ Products and Services

If your business serves B2B customers or your product or service simply isn't that exciting, you may be wondering what you can do to attract new customers and keep existing ones engaged. Although doing content marketing for paper clips, software, medical supplies or something equally mundane seems difficult, it is indeed possible to do it successfully. Whether your brand or product is too complex

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