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Month: May 2015

Social Media

How to Stay Relevant on Social Media

Staying relevant on social media can be somewhat of a challenge due to the fact that users are constantly being bombarded with new information. If you don't stay relevant, it is very likely that your customers will simply look for someone else to follow. If you want to remain relevant, there needs to be a strategy in place so that you can figure out what works and what doesn't. Here are some tips

Search Engine Optimization

Changes That Could Harm Your SEO Efforts

If you are trying to keep up with all of the SEO changes that affect your 2015 SEO strategy, then it is important that you learn where you should make changes and where your strategy should remain the same. Here are some examples of changes that could harm your SEO efforts. Not Publishing Fresh Content If you have been keeping up with your blog by updating it with fresh content but you


LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Success

If you haven't deployed LinkedIn as a part of your online marketing strategy, you are missing out on a very helpful tool. LinkedIn is the go-to place for jobseekers looking to connect with employers and companies. However, did you know that LinkedIn can also be a huge source of traffic for B2B businesses and companies that are searching for brand advocates? If you are wondering how you can use

Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Changes

In the past few months, Facebook has made many changes to its platform that have changed the way in which brands can utilize the platform. The evidence has shown that Facebook is continuing its push towards having brands pay for advertising by decreasing the reach of brand pages. Here are some of Facebook's latest algorithm changes that you should be aware of. Post Reach Will Decline According to

Social Media Web Design

How Social Media Is Changing Web Design

Social media has become a huge growth channel for businesses online. For almost every business today, having a well-defined social media strategy is important for success. Therefore, it is not surprising to learn that social media is, in fact, changing how web design is done.  Here are a few ways in which social media is changing website design so that you can adjust your strategy

Email Marketing

Checking Your Email Marketing Campaign for Problems

Do you know how to troubleshoot your email marketing campaign? If you are currently running an email marketing campaign, it is important to watch out for problems. Email marketing is increasingly becoming an important aspect of the sales funnel for businesses. Here are a few email marketing campaign problems that might arise and what you can do about them. Deliverability Issues Deliverability

Social Media Marketing

How Social Media Can Improve Your SEO

Google has already made it clear that social media signals play a strong role in search engine rankings. However, do you know that using social media could actually improve your SEO results? Here are a few reasons why social media can be beneficial to your SEO efforts. Sharing Social media provides an opportunity for your business to develop a following. The way in which brands can gain a

Changes You Should Make After Google’s Mobile Update

As business owners worry about the outcomes stemming from Google's latest mobile update, there are a few things that you can do in order to get ahead of the game. Here is a brief overview of the changes that you should consider making now that Mobilegeddon has gotten underway. Focus on the Critical Parts of Your Site With mobile search, it is all about visibility. Since no one knows how websites


Tips for SEO-Friendly Content

While it may seem that SEO is no longer relevant to content writing, the truth is that content and SEO are still two sides of the same coin. However, the difference today is that proper search engine optimization for your content is no longer all about the keywords. Here are a few tips for writing SEO-friendly content that is sure to please Google. Publish Content Regularly When it comes

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