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Month: April 2015

Internet Marketing Tips

Tips for Doing Internet Marketing on a Budget

If you are a small business with a limited marketing budget, you may be wondering just how you will be able to make the best of the funds that you have available. Internet marketing can require a significant upfront investment in order to get results for your business. Here are a few tips for executing an internet marketing strategy if you are on a budget. Start by Getting Your Employees

Mobile Customers

How to Alienate Your Mobile Customers

If your business is a local business or many people access your company's website via a mobile device, you probably want all of the mobile traffic that you can get. However, if you fail to do a few basic things, you can quickly alienate your mobile customers. Here are a few things to avoid according to a mobile marketing service provider in New Orleans. Poor Mobile Site Design The first thing

Responsive Design

Why Responsive Design Is Important for New Businesses

If you are just starting a business, having a responsive design website is essential to helping customers see that your company is new and different. In addition people are also increasingly using different devices to access the internet. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider a responsive design site. Ecommerce Shopping online can be difficult on some e-commerce sites. If you

Mail in mailbox

Why You Should Increase Spending on Email Marketing

If you sell products or services, increasing your spending on email marketing could substantially increase the results that you get from your business. You can utilize email marketing in many ways to drive sales for your business. Here are some reasons why you should increase the amount that you spend on email marketing. Connect With More Visitors Not every person that visits your website

Email marketing

Tips for Getting Started With Email Marketing

If you are just getting started with email marketing, you may be wondering what are the most important things to do first. If you work with an internet marketing company, you can get better results from your email marketing campaign than you might on your own. However, it is still important to understand the basics. Here are the first steps in getting started with an email marketing


Not Using Email Marketing Correctly Means Lost Sales

Email marketing does not end with the simple step of setting up an account with an email marketing provider. In fact, you must work to provide an excellent experience in order to get the best results. However, when it is not done correctly, you also risk losing sales. Here are some tips for boosting your email marketing campaign so that you continue to grow sales from your marketing

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Working With an SEO Company

If you are trying to figure out how to build a better relationship with your SEO firm, you may be surprised at what you can do. Here are some tips to building a closer relationship with your SEO firm that will yield the best results. Don't Expect Results Immediately If you are trying to get the best results from your SEO campaign, you need to remember that SEO is a long-term strategy. It

SEO Essentials

Why a Good User Experience Is Essential to SEO

When it comes to SEO, many small businesses tend to focus on keyword phrases only. By focusing only on keywords, they are losing out on a tremendous opportunity to develop a well-rounded SEO strategy that will benefit them for the long-term. If you want to get the most from your SEO strategy, it is essential that you consider the experience of the visitors that engage with your website. Here are

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