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Month: March 2015

Social Media Marketing

Using Social Media to Get Better Results From Your SEO

When it comes to SEO, content is an important part of a successful strategy. However, it is important that you don't focus only on the content. You still need to invest in other SEO techniques in order to stay relevant. Social media can provide the additional help that you need to give your SEO strategy an edge. Using Social Media Means More Backlinks When you use social media to republish

Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Working

Most content marketing campaigns can fail suddenly and the business is left not knowing where the money went or how the campaign failed. All that remains is that the business put in money and the end result was few to no sales or conversions. So what went wrong? While you might think that you are everything possible to guarantee success, there are a few ways in which you might be sabotaging the

Online Marketing

Why Online Marketing Should Be Your Top Priority

When it comes to online marketing, may small businesses fail to put the focus that is needed in order to gain success. These days using offline marketing methods such as billboards and direct mailers are simply not enough. Online marketing must be incorporated into the company's marketing plan as a major portion of the marketing budget. Here are a few reasons why as a small business online

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How to Improve Social Media Marketing Results

If you are currently doing social media marketing and you are wondering how to improve the results of your campaign, there are several methods that you can utilize. Not all social media marketing campaigns will be successful. However, by following these tips you can do more to improve the odds in your favor.   Pick a Goal to Focus on   If you want specific results from your social


Where to Focus Your SEO Efforts Now

SEO is constantly changing. Every month there are countless changes that take place and these changes can cause SEO strategies to evolve. An SEO strategy that is effective is one that can adapt to such changes. In the best cases, the SEO strategy can even be designed to make future predicted changes have less of an impact on rankings. Here are a few areas in which you should focus your SEO

Local Search Marketing

Connecting With Customers With Local Search Marketing

If your company offers services on a national level, getting started with local search marketing could help to bring in more targeted prospects at a lower cost. Here are a few tips for connecting with customers by using local search marketing.   A recent study published by Google reported that 72% of people that look for information regarding local businesses on a smartphone are likely to go

Email Marketing Goals

Setting Email Marketing Goals for 2015

If you are still trying to plan out your email marketing goals for the rest of 2015, now is a good time to start. Creating goals for your email marketing efforts can mean the difference between achieving those goals and just watching the money that you invested continue to disappear. Here are a few recommended goals for improving your email marketing campaign this year. Review Your Opt-in

Online Marketing

Creating a Plan for Online Marketing Success

Every year the recommended best practices for online marketing change. Therefore, your company's strategy should change as well. Here are a few tips for creating a plan for online marketing success in 2015. Responsive Design and Mobile Users Having a website that is responsive is one of the most important online marketing tools for 2015. The number of mobile users is increasing every year

Email marketing

Split Testing With Email Marketing

If you are currently running an email marketing campaign, you are already probably aware that you will need to do split testing in order to get the best results from your campaign. However, it can be difficult to determine which methods are most effective so that you don't end up completely consumed by the strategy. Here are some quick tips to help you effectively split test with email

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