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Month: August 2014

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Google Quality Rating Secrets

Google's internal procedures for rating and ranking websites are almost never revealed to the public other than via a public statement by Matt Cutts. However, in a recent leak, Google's secrets on how they determine their search engine quality ratings was leaked to the public. Here is some insight into how Google determines its quality ratings so that you can use it to your benefit. The latest

Star ratings

Google Ranks Highly for Satisfaction Among Its Users

If you are wondering which search engines you should be focusing your time on when it comes to following the rules for SEO optimization, it is important to remember that the sites that are important are those that perform best for getting traffic that converts. That said, a new study has indicated that Google, once again, ranks highly in terms of consumer satisfaction. This means that Google is

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Google Pigeon Update

Google's Pigeon update is the latest from Google in its long term sequence of algorithm updates that are designed to make search results more relevant. This time, the Pigeon update aims to make local search results more closely tied with web search signals. Here is a brief summary on the changes that you are likely to see with the Pigeon update. Local Search Results Are Affected The major

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How to Attract Guest Posters to Your Site

If you are utilizing content marketing as a strategy for marketing your website, you may have heard about the benefits of guest posting. Guest posting is extremely effective for establishing authority in your industry. In addition, it can help your website to gain more organic traffic quickly as the followers of those guest posters flock to your website. Here are a few tips on how to attract high

Site Speed for SEO

The Importance of Site Speed for SEO

Google considers site loading speeds as one of the top factors in determining the placement of a website in its search results. Even if it were not one of the top factors, you must also keep in mind that people do not like to wait for sizes to load. Knowing this, let's take a look at how site speed matters in 2014. Google Thinks Sites Should Be Fast When it comes to figuring out just how

Google’s New Dynamic Sidelinks

If you are a follower of the Google Inside AdWords blog, you may have seen that they recently announced that they will be introducing dynamic sitelinks. Sitelinks are used to help people access the content that they require by going to specific pages on your website with a direct link from your paid ad. These links are dynamically generated so that they will appear below the text of your

PPC Results

Getting More Targeted Results With PPC

If you are using PPC advertising to market your business, you already know that a one-size-fits-all strategy with regards to timing campaigns and targeting specific devices, is simply a waste of time and money. If you want real results from your PPC marketing campaign, you will need to refine your campaign by time of the day, the device and by industry. If you review several studies on PPC

Facebook Search

How to Get Seen on Facebook

If you are trying to figure out how to get your content seen on Facebook, it is important that you understand that a lot has changed about marketing on Facebook in recent months. Facebook is moving towards a model in which businesses will have to pay for paid advertising in order to get the best results from the platform. However, getting your content seen on Facebook can still be done using

Web Design

Overview of Web Design

Web design sounds simple and for many web design means the end product that they see online but nothing could be further from the truth. Web design covers everything you see and don’t see on a website. From code to graphic and from text to SEO so for many web design is done in teams each taking control of their own part of the design while others are multi skilled and will be able to

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