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Month: November 2012

Semantic Search

Semantic Search for Better Results

If you think about the “Star Trek” computer with its amazing search functions, you are, in fact, thinking of a semantic search engine (Google itself frequently uses this analogy1). Semantic search takes into account additional, meta information about a query to provide more relevant and more content-rich results compared to traditional, blue-URL SERPs. Since 2008, Google, Yahoo!, Bing and

Twitter and SEO

Twitter and SEO: The Saga Continues

Quite recently, Twitter did something few in the industry expected: it changed its robots.txt file, and it had a dramatic impact on search results1. The robots.txt file is responsible for directing search engine bots to those pages that need to be indexed and conversely, preventing them from indexing other pages. Twitter has generally had quite a few SEO problems, namely the numerous links

Content Optimization

How to Optimize Content

Believe it or not, content optimization is at the heart of search engine optimization (SEO). However, many times efforts and money are spent on a single area of SEO, such as content promotion or link building, or keyword analysis and implementation, even pay-per-click advertisements, in order to drive traffic to websites (and they do) but an SEO expert should not be content with simple traffic

Free and Paid Website Design

New Free and Paid Software for Website Design

Web design is the field that feeds innovative and easy-to-use websites to the whole Internet industry. However, this field can be prohibitively expensive to enter, with design sets and program kits costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars a pop. It makes sense, then, to stay updated on the current developments in the software market for new editions of design software with greater

Stacked coins

Common Mistakes with PPC Accounts

AdWords was released 10 years ago, and throughout this decade of rapidly changing marketing environments, many marketers radically changed their strategy. Others introduced functions for one initial reason, and then left them without reasonable explanation. As such, quite a few PPC profiles have become unnecessarily bulky and dotted with questionably useful ads. One would think that it is time

Mobile Website Design

How to Implement Mobile Web Design for Charities

Most readers will be fed up with statements like “mobile web usage has quadrupled over the last [insert period]” by now, but the reality is that more and more users prefer to browse the net on the move, via a smartphone or tablet. Strangely, quite a few industries are still appearing to be behind the times and not taking full advantage of the changes. A bad example of this (infamous) group

Boggle Letters

New Orleans Digital Marketing Tips

All websites want to rank to well in Google as this means a huge increase in organic search traffic. They employ various different methods – from white hat to black hat search engine optimization (SEO), but everything they do is based on carrying out thorough research on keywords. Naturally, this important step must be undertaken before the campaign commences as later on it will be

Keyboard and Mouse

Clicks Don’t Matter According to Facebook

If you had invested in Facebook, Inc. at the time of its IPO, you would probably not be reading this article now but rather crying yourself to sleep; with a (so far) return of -50% it turned out to be a bad investment indeed1. And with General Motors stopping their ad campaign on the website, the worst is yet to come. However, Facebook claims the marketing industry’s obsession with impressions

Web Design Logo

Web Design: The Logo

The company logo takes a prominent place in the marketing strategy of any firm. It makes sense to put enough effort and resources into its creation, as it will be plastered across different mediums that are both changeable and permanent, and will be difficult to change. New companies can design their logo and base their marketing campaign on it while more established ones can define a recurring

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO: The Good, The Bad, and The New

Approximately 48% of the US population and 61% of the West European population have a handset with HTML browsing capabilities1. In India web internet usage has already overtaken desktop usage2. Such pieces of news prove once again that the field of IT is fast-paced and forever changing. However, even there the area of mobile SEO is still in its infancy and few people know where it will go next.

Decrease Project Time and Cost

How to Decrease Project Time and Cost With a Few Easy Tricks

Firms undertake projects on a daily basis, from the implementation of a new client website to building construction. Yet over 85% of projects1 go over budget while the others manage with what they are given. No matter the state of the accounts, not all of this money is spent on adding value for the customer, so it is possible to reduce the amount necessary by implementing easy tricks and

Mistakes in Web Design

Unforgivable Mistakes in Web Design

For something that should be relatively straightforward, web design has a bad habit of going awry pretty easily. Just look at the Oatmeal’s experience with bad clients1. Unfortunately, many times designers commit harder to detect but extremely serious mistakes that could—and probably will—doom the website to mediocre or even bad performance. So use this list of completely unforgivable


How EPUB Compares to Other File Types and how to Build One

The tablet and electronic reader (such as Amazon’s Kindle reader, the Apple iPad, and others) truly revolutionized global book publishing as they brought down the cost and the risk of a new book to unprecedented lows, and with them came the EPUB file type. EPUB (electronic publishing) is the predominant format now when it comes to releasing new books as most online bookstores offer it. However,


Making your Page Sound Accessible

In the U.K., 65% of disabled people use the Internet1. That makes 8 million disabled users in the U.K. alone, and many more from other developed nations. Such numbers completely justify making an extra effort to improve your website for the visually impaired so that they may access your information or utilize your service, and hopefully they will reward the extra effort. There are a few methods


Free Yet Amazing Tools: FollowerWonk

SEOmoz1 recently acquired FollowerWonk2 and made it available for free to its Pro members ($99/month) alongside its current array of SEO tools. It is important to mention that quite a few of its functions are free to external users. To current members, it represents a completely free service, while for potential ones it further adds value for money to its package. Nevertheless, the 30-day free

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