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Are you Pinterested?

Two years after its launch, Pinterest has attracted 10.4 million users, although 80% of them are female1. It is the new social media on the block with aspirations to be a leading social, sharing and even marketing platform. And as 80% of pins are re-pinned1, which means greater social reach for all users, it could be a viable marketing tool. So here’s a look at the interface of the website.


Web Design: Static or Dynamic Content?

The two ends of the site development spectrum are static and dynamic content, and these spark off numerous debates between specialists on which is better. Both have their pros and cons, so website developers must take the individual circumstances of their clients when choosing. Furthermore, it is counterproductive to think that a website must be wholly dynamic or completely static, as a

Customer Psychology

Web Design for the Mind – Incorporating the Customer Psychology

Finding ways to combine psychology methods and findings with website development is necessary in order to maximize conversions and customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, psychology is not an exact science, and results will be hard to measure. Therefore, your approach should be highly contextualized and take into account the website’s specifics in order to achieve good results. The first

Ecommerce Cart

Ecommerce Website Design – Streamlining the Checkout

Between 55% and 72% of shoppers abandon their shop after putting their product in the shopping cart1 due to a multitude of problems that make the checkout unnecessarily difficult to use. It comes as a huge surprise when a website invests in boosting website traffic through SEO and PPC but does not improve its checkout. Such an improvement is vital to a successful company and will more than pay


Functional Website Design Showcasing the Product

In the second article of the five-part series, we will go into more depth about how to showcase products on their respective pages and as a result increase conversion rates. These solutions will aim to be as value for money as possible because few companies can actually increase their marketing budget without adversely affecting their profit. Making an online sale is a process with two steps –

Ecommerce Web Design

New Orleans E-commerce Web Design Improvement

In this, the first of five articles on improving your website design, we will talk about the e-commerce part of your online store, or more specifically the conversion rate. Conversion rates vary from industry to industry but an aggregate average of 2.5%-3% seems closest to the truth1. If this number can be increased through low-cost but valuable methods, then your cost per lead (total marketing

cartoon bird on branch

Improving Your Twitter Marketing

No doubt there is a fantastic marketing plan with realizable and “monitorable” goals already set out at your company. However, if the results are less than stellar or you believe that more can be achieved with your budget, then you should consider evaluating your primary methods and tactics. New methods are continuously developed so it pays to be attentive and update your strategy. Read on to

Planning Marketing Strategy

Planning a Twitter Marketing Strategy

With more than 500+ million users1, Twitter is one of the top three most popular forms of social media worldwide, with the other two being Skype and Facebook. Its specific communication style further makes it a worthwhile marketing tool, and an investment in your Twitter marketing campaign will be a viable investment. The obvious benefits are improved public image, higher customer satisfaction,

New Mobile Technology

The New Tech on the Block – Nokia, Samsung, Amazon

September has been an exciting month for tech enthusiasts; all major companies have unveiled either a new handset (Nokia, Samsung, and Apple) or a new line of electronic readers (Amazon). Although Apple has a strong grip on the U.S. market for smart phones and tablets with its iPhone and iPad1, you will not be doing yourself any favors if you don’t consider the features and prices (the value


Disaster-Proof HTML 5 forms

Users have to fill out forms at every point of their browsing from simple appointment bookings to site registration and even ticket purchase. However, technology and life are unpredictable and anything and everything can happen. Although you’ve highlighted and explained to the user not to use the backspace button when filling the form, he still does it, much to everyone’s discomfort.

jQuery Mobile Framework

jQuery – What, Where, How?

Six years after its inception, jQuery continues to grow in popularity, but what exactly is it, what features does it offer for developers, and how do web developers utilize them? Taken from the official website, “jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development.”1 Its sole

Facebook Marketing

Ways to Improve Your Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing can be a supplement to your search engine optimization (SEO) and branding efforts or it can be a stand-alone campaign. Whatever its standing, if your company invests enough resources into the campaign, it could boost your sales in the long run through greater customer satisfaction and brand recognition. So with a CPC for paid ads varying between $0.71 and $3.791, the Facebook


Good SERP Standing – What Does it Get You

The aim of search engine optimization is to rank within the top 10 (top 5 for the more ambitious) results in the SERPs. Just by being there, webmasters assume that they will capture a large percent of traffic and get a massive boost to their website. However, even before attempting SEO for your website, you should consider whether the benefits—as a click-through rate (CTR) of all traffic—are

Write A Guest Post

How to Secure a Guest Post on your Blog

The benefits of doing a guest post on somebody else’s blog have been thoroughly explained and tested, and it is clear that any website will want free content, so guest posting is conclusively mutually beneficial. However, actually securing a well-known author to guest post can be a formidable, if not impossible, task. But do not fear, because for every problem there is a viable

Improve Facebook Marketing

Improving Your Facebook Page for a More Engaged Community

Numbers rarely paint the whole picture and the same goes for Facebook groups; it is not important how many members you have but rather how active and engaged they are with your business. Obviously, an engaged community is easier to connect to for market research, new product brainstorming, promotional campaigns and discounts. So here are some ways for how to improve your Facebook group with this

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