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Month: September 2012

Hacking Into a Dominating Domain for Your Site

Domains and domain names are a huge part of what determines whether a user visits your website or not. It makes sense, then, to select a dominating domain name that can attract a lot of organic traffic and convert as many users as possible into clients. This selection will influence the SERP standing of the website and even the demographics of the traffic that visits the website. So how do you

Designing a Website that Commands Attention

Well-designed websites have innumerable benefits, but in order to be successful at their goal they must first accomplish two things: 1) draw the user’s attention, and 2) direct it to the desired place. This will make full use of the limited space the user sees and the limited time he gives the website, improve the brand recognition and loyalty, and hopefully increase the conversion ratio. But

Generate Content Inspiring Action

With more than 2.2 billion internet users1 and a couple of times as much content, it is becoming increasingly difficult to write content which stands out, is informative and useful, and can inspire the reader to action. The last characteristic, the call to action, is hardest to emulate as it depends on a number of factors, and can potentially lead to a user subscribing, signing up, bookmarking,

Building Links with Local Events

Local events are a tried and tested limited marketing campaign to improve the image and brand of your business in the nearby community, which will hopefully lead to an increase in sales revenue. However, a quality event such as a workshop, informative presentation or entertaining show could be used to further the SERP standing of your website via authoritative link building. As long as the event

Making Your Website Friendly with Mobile Phone Users

Mobile usage has skyrocketed during the past few years with the advent of the smartphone1. According to Google, 80% of users abandon a website if it does not provide a good user experience on their mobile device2. Therefore, it pays to go to the trouble of redesigning your website to fit the smaller screen and slower capabilities of mobile phones. Before you embark on the journey, however, check

How to Design the Perfect Website

The perfect website can improve your brand recognition and brand loyalty, increase sales revenue, and attract customer feedback for better products. However, it is extremely important to find a balance between every element and create a perfect website that both the site owner and the user like. This can be achieved by checking whether your idea has all of the necessary characteristics of a good

Developing Content for the Most Boring of Businesses

Online content is the main part of the website, which attracts clients and determines the page rank in the SERPs, however, certain niches and industries are less prone to interesting material and could be a challenge for even an experienced writer. Nevertheless, this problem can be tackled by assessing what would attract and entertain potential customers, and by taking bold steps where no man has

Writing Headlines That Wow

Headlines are what determine whether an article, even a great one, is going to receive a lot of traffic or is destined to be ignored. It is important to craft a compelling headline to incite the user’s imagination and bait them into reading the article. Therefore, headlines determine the click-through rates of articles whereas quality content determines the dwell time of users. It makes perfect

Writing Effective Email Autoresponders

Autoresponders are often automated responses to client e-mails, but they can also be a series of short e-mails, which companies send to their mailing list to attract new clients. These are further used as an e-course to potential customers to get them acquainted with your company and new product. Client leads must be contacted regularly and kept up to date in order to secure a sale and ensure the

Guest Posting: Should You Do It?

Guest posting is the practice of writing informative content and pitching it to a different blog in the same niche to be posted there. Although at first it seems that another website benefits from your hard work, after some consideration many benefits emerge and make the practice worthwhile. However, not everyone can fully benefit from guest posting so let us consider who can fully take advantage

Tips for Designing a Website That Wows

Nowadays, having a great website is just as important as having a convincing business card. Therefore, it is in the best interest of your business to design a website which wows and captures the customer, thereby securing a business deal. The obvious benefits of a well-designed website are greater visibility, increased sales revenue, repeating online customers, better brand awareness and brand

Blowing the Big Deal: Why It Will Happen

Big business deals mean huge profits for your company but they also entail much anxiety and stress. It is no wonder then that quite a few big deals do not succeed despite the best intentions from both sides. Although sometimes bad luck and fate stop a deal from being concluded, most of the times human error and miscalculation are the reasons. Here are the most common reasons deals fall

Infintech Designs | New Orleans Mobile Web Design

With more Internet browsing being done on tablets and smartphones, it is more important than ever for companies to maintain mobile versions of their websites. The talented designers at Infintech Designs provide gorgeous, affordable mobile web development for clients throughout the greater New Orleans area and beyond. Many regular websites can be difficult to view on mobile devices, and our team

Boosting Your SEO

The positive search engine optimization (SEO) campaign aims to improve your personal website, increase its standing in the SERPs and drive more traffic to the site. Traditional methods include quality content creation, high profile backlink building, meta tag description writing and improving the website’s visibility. However, these traditional techniques may not always be enough for a

Analyzing Google +, Authorship and Snippets

Google+, Authorship and Snippets are an integral part of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), so understanding them thoroughly is vital for an effective search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Even if a website does not incorporate them fully, the webmaster must be careful not be negatively influenced by them. Here is an analysis of the positive and negative effects of these three

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