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Month: July 2012

5 Reasons for Using Google+ to Market Your Business

Since it was launched in June 2011, Google+ has grown to be the third largest social network online with 170 million users1. While this is still a long way behind the 900 million on Facebook, using Google+ has many other advantages that Facebook and Twitter can’t provide. Google has been integrating many of its services in an effort to “build a seamless social experience, all across

Use Branding Effectively on Your Company Website

Your company’s branding is more than just the logo that is printed on your stationery; it is the entire image that is projected by your business. Good branding is often the only discernible difference between market leaders and their competitors. Good branding is what makes you stand out from your competitors in the minds of your customers. As important as branding is in the real world, it is

The Growing Power of Consumer’s Opinions

Most businesspeople understand the importance of the Internet for promoting their products and attracting new customers. Over half of consumers now research products online as a part of their purchasing process1, which means that they are not only looking at the product specifications but are also considering the reviews that have been left online by other customers like themselves. Many

Choose Effective Long Tail Keywords

Using the right keywords in your online content is vital for your website to be indexed correctly by the search engines. Most businesses will do a bit of research into the keywords that they want to use or that they think best describe their products using a tool like the Google Keywords Tool1, and come up with a list of keywords that they have to compete for with their business rivals. Often the

Facebook Begins to Master Mobile Marketing

Since Facebook’s IPO in May, the value of its shares has been a hot topic of debate with many investors that bought in early and lost significantly, which has put the spotlight on the profitability of Facebook’s business model. Mark Zuckerberg’s famous quote that Facebook will always be free for average users means that they need to generate income from the paid advertising on the site, and

How Pinnable are Your Website’s Images?

If you are marketing products online then it is very likely that you are using images on your website that show them off to your prospective customers. In the past, because of the low resolution of Internet images and other restrictions on graphics, many websites have used simple, small, plain images in their online catalogues. The rise of digital photography has made it easy to take your own

Integrating Your Google+ Profile with Your YouTube Content

YouTube is the third most visited website on the internet behind Google and Facebook with an amazing 800 million unique visitors every month1. The huge volume of both traffic and video that is uploaded to YouTube makes it a natural advertising platform, but it has also been used by many businesses as a place to make their promotional videos available to their online customers. With millions of

Focusing Your Small Business’s Online Marketing on Local Traffic

Most small businesses are engaged in some form of online marketing, even if it is only a Facebook brand page or a Twitter account. While we often think of the Internet in terms of a global audience, the reality is that the World Wide Web is still an effective way to reach the people in your local community. For most small businesses, the local customers are going to be one of their largest target

Is Traditional SEO a Thing of the Past?

Before the development of the search engines that we all use today, webmasters had to index their sites manually and most of us found websites via directory listings. As the Internet grew, these early methods for searching out information online became impractical, and during the 1990s the first web bots were developed that would later evolve into the search engine crawlers we know today1. As

Twitter is the Most Effective Social Media Market

Twitter is the social media site that most of us would associate with celebrities because of the huge number of followers that many pop divas and film stars have collected. For instance, at last count, Lady Gaga had 26.88 million followers1, only a few million more than the total number of album sales that she has generated2. There is a good reason why all of these A-list stars take the time to

The Most Popular and Practical WordPress Plug-ins

There are currently over 74 million websites that are being powered by WordPress1, easily making it the most popular web design platform in use. The key to the success of WordPress is that it is very user friendly and can be readily adapted to create any sort of website that the user wants to make. While the enormous number of themes that are available makes it easy to give a website the desired

How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Blog

The latest social network to sweep cyberspace is the image bookmarking site Pinterest, where users are able to create their own archives of images that they find on the Internet. With a growth rate that has been phenomenal Pinterest has emerged as the hottest social platform of 2012 and has a higher share of social media visitors than Google+ or Linkedin1. The visual nature of the site makes it

Facebook Users Don’t Like Timeline

When Facebook made its new Timeline format the default for all of its users’ pages it caused the expected outcry from many people that didn’t like the changes. Facebook is no stranger to controversy and their experience so far has been that regardless of the opposition to the evolution of their site, their membership numbers continue to climb and the time that people spend updating their

The Effect of Google Search Plus Your World on the Social Media World

Earlier in the year Google made a significant change to the way that it produces results for its users by introducing personal details into the equation in the guise of Google Search Plus Your World1. They began introducing a social element into their search service late in 2009 and with the introduction of their Google+ social platform they have now integrated that social search functionality

The Advantage of Outsourcing Your Content

One in five of the blogs that are currently online is run by a business1. The importance of a blog to a company’s Internet presence has seen 39% of U.S. businesses using a blog for marketing2, with as many as 44% blogging two to three times a week1. Blogging has become an integral part of the larger picture of Internet marketing as a means of not only raising awareness of brands, but also as a

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