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Social Media Marketing

How to Use Social Media to Drive More Sales

Just getting started with social mediaor considering entering this dynamic space on the web? You may be wondering if it is worth it and how Facebook, Twitter or other popular social media platforms can drive sales. But engaging on a social platform has been seen to be one of the best tools professionals use to find new leads and drive more sales. This does not come naturally, however. Small

Social Media Reputation Management

How to Protect Your Reputation on Social Media

Social media is quickly gaining in popularity among small businesses. The reason is clear. Social media networks offer a cost effective way for small businesses to target their niche without wasting resources on expensive advertising. When a small business uses social media to target a specific audience, they not only get their brand in front of a targeted niche market, but they also use the

Search Engine Optimization

Five Ways a Marketing Firm in New Orleans Can Boost Your Business

Small businesses are faced with tight budgets, difficult time crunches and other challenges that make marketing difficult to start, maintain and keep innovating. With the fast pace of today’s society, marketers for small businesses struggle to stay atop the latest trends on the internet and in the marketplace. For this reason, hiring a marketing firm is one of the easiest ways New Orleans small

Stop Sign

Five Examples of What Not to Do on Social Media

Social media has transformed the way people interact with their peers and businesses alike. Through social media, more people are taking to the public light to express opinions, find new information and reach companies that they may have never heard of otherwise. While this powerful channel has taken the internet and people’s daily lives by storm, many small businesses still struggle to

Hand Held Smartphone

Three Behaviors of Smartphone Users Your Small Business Must Embrace

Over half of the American population owns Smartphones. These phones that can connect to the internet on the go are being used by more and more people looking for businesses and services much like what yours offers. So how are your marketing efforts stacking up to meet the new behaviors of this large group of people? You have likely heard that one of the first things your small business must do to

Family Holding Hearts

The 8 Second Rule: How to Make People Love You Almost Instantly

Did you know that on average when a person arrives on your website you only have eight seconds to make an impression before they decide whether to stay or to go to your competition? In today’s fast paced world, eight seconds is not a long time for a business to make a value proposition clear to all demographics and possible website visitors and attract them to stay with your company and learn

Mobile Website Conversion

How a Mobile Website can Boost Your Conversion Rates

Have you heard about other small businesses that have updated their website to be more mobile friendly and wondered why or if you need to also? This is the case for a large number of small business owners. While your business may already have a website, being able to navigate around it on the small screen of a Smartphone or any other mobile device may not always be the easy, pleasant experience

Createing Better Landing Page

Five Tips for Creating Better Landing Pages

Pay-per-click advertising and links from other websites are some of the most effective ways of driving people to purchase from you. Each of these inbound marketing initiatives brings people to your website who are already interested in purchasing a product or service that you provide. When the person arrives, it is then the job of your website design to convert these leads into sales. One of the

Website Conversion Optimization

They Came to Your Website, Now What?

You invest a lot in your online marketing efforts with time and energy poured into making people want to type in your domain, click on a link and ultimately land on your website. But what happens once they arrive? How do you engage with these visitors you fought so hard for once they are finally on your website? Web site design is an art form that is constantly being updated and transformed. This

Mobile Friendly Website

Five Tips for Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

Let’s face it. Mobile technology has taken over our lives and studies have shown that people are becoming more addicted to their Smartphones than ever before. We live in a multi-screen world where people are constantly shifting between their big screen televisions or monitors and the small screen afforded to them on a Smartphone. This shift has posed a new challenge to marketers as the consumer

Business Growth

The Importance of Content in Your Small Business Growth

Content marketing has been hailed as ‘King’ of online marketing by many. According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, 90% of businesses participate in some form of content marketing. This trend became hot in 2011 and continues to grow in popularity. The reason? It’s simple - Content marketing works. Generally speaking, content marketing encompasses a wide range of methods for

Small Business Growth Online

Seven Ways Small Businesses Can Build a Stronger Online Presence

For small businesses, the internet has opened up a new door to marketing, and one that many have fully embraced. Instead of the traditional approach that had a tendency to drain marketing budgets faster than sales came in, small businesses have realized that internet marketing now delivers a far more cost effective way of reaching people both locally and on a national level. To make use of this


Five Reasons You Should Learn to Love Google Analytics

Do you know who is visiting your site? How about where they come from and what they do once they are there? Analytics provided by Google Analytics can give your small business valuable insight into what’s happening on your web pages. This insight can tell you where your small business is most effective and where your web pages could use some revamping. Without Google Analytics, you are left to

Link Building

Seven Ways You Can Earn More Links to Your Website

Search engine optimization is still one of the most important marketing tactics used by small businesses. By ranking high in search engine results, your business website is more likely to be seen by warm leads and people looking for the service or goods you provide. To do this, Google must view your website as a relevant one for their customer, the searcher. One of the most used ways that Google


Five Website Design Tips to Minimize Traffic Loss

Your website is one of the main selling points for your small business. Whether you realize it or not, your website holds a lot of potential and can open the door to more sales. But to reach the goal of earning more revenue through your website, you need to keep your visitors engaged and on your pages. Website designers realize the importance of keeping people sifting through the pages of a

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